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Plastic Gears (5 Types)

Plastic Gears (5 Types)-Robocraze
Plastic Gears (5 Types)-Robocraze
Plastic Gears (5 Types)-Robocraze
  • Plastic Gears (5 Types)-Robocraze
  • Plastic Gears (5 Types)-Robocraze
  • Plastic Gears (5 Types)-Robocraze

Plastic Gears (5 Types)

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  • These are Plastic Gears
  • 5Types plastic motor gear for Toys and DIY Kits
  • These gears are high-quality materials: Plastic
  • Weights around 10 grams.
  • You can use these gears to do DIY science and small production, product design, mechanical model.

Plastic Gears (5 Types)

5Types plastic gears. These gears are incredibly useful – they can be used to create custom gearboxes to transfer motion, change output shaft speed, increase torque, and any number of other gear-like functions. Different types of gears have different purposes and this kit has a great assortment of regular gears

 These gears are used in laboratories, science education, DIY models, and RC-airplane/helicopter repair, as well as many household repairs like old music systems, etc. it's a great toolkit for promoting DIY abilities, improving children’s, and teen’s hands-on skills and divergent thinking.


  • They are used to reverse the direction of rotation, for example when selecting reverse in your car.
  • Gears are also used to transfer rotational motion to a different axis.
  • Gears are used to alter the speed of rotation which in the same way can be used to alter the end turning force or torque available.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Plastic Gears (5 Types)


Weight  10 grams
Color White
Gear Material Nylon

1. What kind of plastic is used to make toy gears?

  • Most plastic gears are made from nylon and acetal. Nylon absorbs moisture, causing changes in properties and dimensions. Acetal copolymers provide long-term dimensional stability as well as high fatigue and chemical resistance over a wide temperature range.

2. What are the advantages of gear made of plastic material?

  • Plastic gears are more forgiving than metal because plastic can deflect to absorb impact loads. It also does a better job of distributing localized loads caused by misalignment and tooth errors. Reduced noise: The superior noise-dampening properties of plastics result in quiet running gear.

3. Where are plastic gears used?

  • Plastic gears are widely used in cameras, printers, toys, electronic equipment, projectors, speedometers, and home appliances. Currently, microinjection molding is also extensively utilized to produce micro gears of metal powders as well as plastics.

4. Do plastic gears need lubricating?

  • Most plastic gears are capable of running without lubrication or can be embedded with lubricating materials (such as graphite, silicone, or PTFE). However, some operating conditions benefit from or even require, lubrication.