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XT60 Male connector

XT60 Male connector-Robocraze
XT60 Male connector-Robocraze
  • XT60 Male connector-Robocraze
  • XT60 Male connector-Robocraze

XT60 Male connector

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  • Combo includes XT60 Male connector with cable wire.
  • The XT60 Male connector is made of high temperature nylon and has a gold plated finishing.
  • The silicon wire has a thickness of 18AWG.
  • This combo is used to connect batteries and ESC.

XT60 Male connector

The XT60 Male Wire connector is useful for connecting your battery and ESC. These are widely used to connect batteries with drones safely.

The XT60 connectors are suitable for high-power brushless and brushed ESC and motors which are used in RC helicopters, quadcopters, planes, and cars. They ensure high amp connections.

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x XT60 Male connector
  • 1 x Silicon Wire


Connector Type  XT60 Male Connector
Wire  Silicon Cable Wire
Cable Thickness 18AWG
Weight 10 grams
Connector Material

High-Temp nylon

1. What are XT60 connectors used for?

  • XT60 Connector are mostly used in DIY drones, robotic projects to supply power form battery to the motors.  The XT60 male connector is connected to the XT60 female connector.

2. How many amps can XT60 handle?

  • XT60 connector are heavy duty cables they can be used for big scale projects as well as small scale projects. The XT60 Connector has can easily handle 60 Amp of current which makes them ideal for any RC based projects. The XT60 comes in two forms XT60 female connector and XT60 male connector. 

3. What is the difference between XT60 and XT90 connectors?

  • The XT60 is smaller in size compared to the XT90 Connector. The XT60 is a comparatively better choice when you're charging your ebike, RC Cars, RC drones/quadcopters etc. Although the XT90 connector can bear 90 Ampere current while XT 60 can handle 60 Ampere current. 

4. Are XT60 and XT90 compatible?

  • Connecting XT60 to XT90 directly is not possible because both the connectors have different sizes. The XT60 male connector will be smaller for a XT90 female connector. To connect XT60 connector to XT90 connector you will need an additional XT90 to XT60 Converter.