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XT60 Connector Pair

XT60 Connector Pair

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  • High-Quality Design: XT60 Connector Pair measures 3.5mm and is suitable for a wide age range. Gold plating ensures the highest quality and durability. Yellow color.
  • Versatile Connectors: Includes 1 Male and 1 Female connector for endless connectivity possibilities. Perfect for drones, battery charging, and more. Encourages skill development, suitable for hobbyists and professionals.
  • Innovative Design: XT60 Connector Pair features a concave jacket design for protection against water vapors. Ideal for outdoor applications and electronic speed controllers (ESC).
  • Premium Material: Made with durable materials to provide stable and reliable connections. Suitable for various conditions, perfect for DIY enthusiasts, and offers safety and efficiency. User Applications: XT60 Connector Pair is easy to use with a unique design and is designed to solve connectivity issues. Perfect for electronic projects and enthusiasts.
  • Wide Compatibility: Suitable for a variety of devices and applications, offering flexibility and convenience.

XT60 Connector Pair

Looking to buy high-quality XT60 Connectors with gold plating at the best price? Look no further. Our XT60 Connectors are the perfect solution for your connectivity needs. Measuring 3.5mm and suitable for a wide age range of users, these connectors are designed for both durability and ease of use. These yellow connectors are not only versatile but also perfect for a wide range of applications.

Whether you're into drones, need reliable battery charging, or have various DIY electronic projects, the XT60 Connectors are your ideal choice. They not only encourage skill development but are also suitable for both hobbyists and professionals. The innovative concave jacket design of the XT60 Connectors provides protection against water vapor, making them ideal for outdoor use and electronic speed controllers (ESC).

These connectors are made with premium materials, ensuring stable and reliable connections, even in challenging conditions. So you can rest assured that your connections will be safe and efficient. Easy to use and featuring a unique design, XT60 Connectors are your solution to solve connectivity issues.

With their wide compatibility, they are suitable for a variety of devices and applications, offering flexibility and convenience.

If you're an RC hobbyist, drone enthusiast, or involved in DIY electronics projects, these XT60 Connectors are your reliable choice for secure connections at the best price.


  • Is used for charging batteries
  • Used with an electronic speed controller (ESC)
  • Used in a drones
  • Commonly used with lithium polymer batteries

Also check T Plug Deans Connector for LiPo Battery, available in a male and female pair. It is designed for Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries and has a current rating of 60A at continuous load, with a maximum current of 75A. The connectors are suitable for use in RC cars, helicopters, planes, etc. They feature a low-resistance and wear-resisting design, allowing for secure connections for battery and motor connections.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Male XT60 Connector
  • 1 x Female XT60 Connector


Model XT60
Bullet connector 3.5mm
Current Rating  30Amps
Weight 7 grams
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 0.5cms

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1. What is an xt60 connector used for?

XT60 is a power connector commonly used in lithium polymer batteries. Constructed with a hard, fire-resistant outer casing and gold-plated brass pins. These pins accept wires up to 12 AWG which are easy to solder thanks to their brass plating. This popular XT60 shape prevents reverse polarity and the connection is very strong when plugged in. XT 60 can be of two forms: XT60 male connector and XT60 Female Connector.

2. How many amps can XT60 handle?

XT60 is a power connector commonly used in lithium polymer batteries. XT60 connectors can handle 60A continuous and 180A peak using 12 AWG wire. The reason it's called the XT60 is because it can withstand 60 amps of current. Similarly, an XT90 connector can handle 90 amps of current.

3. How many Volts can a XT60 handle?

A XT60 Connector can easily bear Supply Voltage of 12 Volt. At most, the XT60 connector can handle 36V.

4. Are xt60 connectors waterproof?

Yes, the XT60 Connectors are waterproof.

5. What is the current rating of XT60 connectors?

XT60 connectors have a current rating of 30Amps, providing a reliable and efficient power connection for various electronic projects.