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Thermistor Temperature Sensor HT-NTC100K- 2M

Thermistor Temperature Sensor HT-NTC100K- 2M

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  • The new version of HT-NTC100K temperature measuring thermistor adopts 304 stainless steel, with the internal temperature package to ensure the maximum service life with precision temperature measurement.
  • HT-NTC100K thermistor adopts white high-temperature cord, can bear higher temperature.
  • Supports the customization of different specifications, including the temperature head cylinder size, length of the wires.
  • Can be used with the new version of the heater (the new heater can heat up to 350 degrees).
  • It helps a lot to print high-temperature filament, can replace the original K-type thermocouple temperature. 

Thermistor Temperature Sensor HT-NTC100K- 2M

NTC type temperature sensor 10K 1% with Two tinned copper wire cables consists of NTC element, SUS housing, two tinned wire cable, terminal, and temperature probe. The sensor is protected by a rubber or a stainless steel capsule, both waterproof. It is a proper solution for either heating or cooling applications.

Thermistor temperature measurement is stable. The temperature measurement of the upgraded HT-NTC100K can be up to 350 degrees, can effectively replace the K-type thermocouple. It helps much to solve the issues of strict requirements of K-type thermocouple wiring, and the line is long which is susceptible to get external interference and results in temperature fluctuation that can affect the printing quality. If need to print high-temperature filament, the HT-NTC100K thermistors are highly recommended.


  • Household air conditioner
  • Solar water heater
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Induction cooker
  • Electric oven
  • Home appliances
  • Floor heating
  • 3D printers

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Thermistor Temperature Sensor HT-NTC100K- 2M


Resistance value 10 KΩ
Lead wire insulation PVC, PTFE, Silicon latex Fiberglass, rubber
 Temperature measurement -50 ℃ - 320 ℃
Lenght  2m
Weight 15 grams


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1. What is a thermistor?

  • A thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance is more sensitive to temperature than standard resistors. The term thermistor is a combination of the words thermal and resistor. Thermistors are classified according to their conduction model. At higher temperatures, Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistors have less resistance, whereas Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) thermistors have more resistance.

2. What is a thermistor temperature sensor?

  • Thermistors, which are derived from the term thermally sensitive resistors, are extremely accurate and cost-effective temperature sensors. The thermistor is of 2 types, NTC (negative temperature coefficient) and PTC (positive temperature coefficient), it is the NTC thermistor that is commonly used to measure temperature.

3. Where can I use the thermistor sensor?

  • A thermistor's primary function is to measure the temperature of a device. The thermistor sensor is mainly used in household air conditioners, Solar water heaters, refrigerators, Stove, Induction cookers, Electric ovens, Home appliances, Floor heating, and 3D printers.

4. How do thermistor sensors work?

  • Thermistors change resistance with temperature changes. They are temperature-dependent resistors. They're ideal for situations where a specific temperature must be maintained because they're sensitive to small temperature changes.