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Tilt Sensor Module

Tilt Sensor Module

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  • Operating voltage of this module is 3.3 to 5 VDC.
  • High sensitivity angle switch SW-520D as sensor
  • Comparator output, clean signal
  • Good waveform, strong drive ability, more than 15mA
  • With a fixed bolt hole, easy to install
  • Using wide voltage LM393 comparator

Tilt Sensor Module

The Tilt Sensor Module for Arduino comes with the basic components for operation. Supplying power and it is good to be used. Attach the inclinometer sensor
to an object and it will detect whether the object is tilted. Simple usage as it is the digital output, so you will know whether the object is tilted or not by reading the output. It uses SW-460D or SW-520D tilt sensor. The Tilt Sensor is the ball rolling type, NOT Mercury type.

The tilt sensor Comes with an M3 mounting hole for ease of attaching it to an object. Onboard, it provides a tilt switch, high sensitivity and commonly being used for tilt detection. The module comes with a power LED and a status LED for the visual indicator.

Module instructions:

  • The switch output of the module depends on the on and off of the angle switch. When the angle switch is off, the DO output is high, and when the angle switch is turned on, the DO output is low.
  • The output terminal can be directly connected to the single-chip microcomputer, and the high-low level is detected by the single-chip microcomputer, thereby detecting the angle change.
  • The output terminal can directly drive the relay module, which can form a high-power angle switch to protect the automatic power-off function when the products such as electrical equipment are dumped.

Connecting a Tilt Sensor Module to an Arduino-

Connecting a tilt sensor module to an Arduino is a simple process that can be done by following the steps below:

  • Insert the tilt sensor module onto the breadboard or PCB, taking care to align the pins.
  • Connect the tilt sensor module's power and ground pins to the Arduino board's power and ground pins.
  • Connect the tilt sensor module's output pin to one of the Arduino board's digital input pins.
  • To read the data from the tilt sensor module, upload a sketch or software to the Arduino board. The sketch may utilise the digitalRead() method to read the state of the input pin and calculate the tilt sensor angle.
  • After uploading the programme, you can test the tilt sensor module by tilting it in different directions and seeing the output on the Arduino.


  • Vibration and movement-activated devices
  • Stability of platform
  • Test & detection device

Pin Connection:

  • VCC = 5V
  • GND = 0V.
  • DO = digital output from module

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Tilt Sensor Module


Sensor Type  Tilt Sensor 
Working Voltage  3.3 to 5VDC
Dimensions  3 x 2 x 1cms 
Weight  5 grams

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1. What is a tilt sensor module?

  • The tilt sensor module measures the slope or angle or tilt of objects based on gravity in various applications. It provides power and is safe to use. When attached to an object, it detects whether the object is tilted. Simple usage as it is a digital output, so you will know whether the object is tilted or not by reading the output.

2. Where can I use the tilt sensor module?

  • The Tilt sensor module measures the slope or angle or tilt of objects based on gravity in various applications. The tilt sensor module is mainly used in vibration and movement-activated devices, stability of the platform, and test & detection device.