TEC1-12715 Peltier Module - Robocraze
TEC1-12715 Peltier Module - Robocraze
TEC1-12715 Peltier Module - Robocraze
  • TEC1-12715 Peltier Module - Robocraze
  • TEC1-12715 Peltier Module - Robocraze
  • TEC1-12715 Peltier Module - Robocraze

TEC1-12715 Peltier Module

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  • Small module.
  • Easy transition between the hot side to the cool side and vice-versa just by reversing the polarity of the supply.
  • Quality tested cooling cells.
  • Solid-state, vibration-free, noise-free.
  • Simple to install and operate.
  • Should use with a heat sink.

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TEC1 12715
Thermoelectric cooler

TEC1-12715 Peltier Module

The TEC1-12715 40x40mm Thermoelectric Cooler 15A Peltier Module is the simple application of Peltier Thermoelectric Effect. The module features 127 semiconductor couples in the area of 40mmx40mm.

Thermoelectric coolers also are known as TEC or Peltier module create a temperature differential on each side. One side gets hot and the other side gets cool. Therefore, they can be used to either warm something up or cool something down, depending on which side you use. You can also take advantage of a temperature differential to generate electricity.


  1. Do not exceed Imax or Vmax when operating a module.
  2. Please carry out moisture protection options (sealing) in final application use.
  3. Life expectancy: 200,000 hours.
  4. Failure rate based on longtime testings: 0.2%.

Package Includes:

  •  1 x TEC1-12715 Peltier Module


Model  TEC1-12715
Operating Voltage 12V
Maximum Voltage 15V
Maximum Current 15A
Maximum Power  230W
Power Chord  25cms
Dimensions  40mmx40mm
Weight  15 grams

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TEC1 -2715? What does TEC mean?

  • Peltier Element TEC1-12715 is thermoelectric cooling element that uses the Peltier effect to create a heat flux at the junction of two different types of materials.
    TEC stands for Thermoelectric coolers

2. How does a Peltier module work?

  • Thermoelectric coolers operate according to the Peltier effect. The effect creates a temperature difference by transferring heat between two electrical junctions. A voltage is applied across joined conductors to create an electric current. When the current flows through the junctions of the two conductors, heat is removed at one junction and cooling occurs. Heat is deposited at the other junction.

3. How do I choose the correct peltier for my application?

  • Estimate heat load of the object to be cooled
    Define temperature working range of object and heat sink
    Choose a Peltier element that satisfies the requirements
    Choose a TEC controller with suitable power range
    Choose a heat sink for the Peltier element
    Choose a fan to air the heat sink (optional)
    Choose the object temperature sensor and the optional sink sensor
    Choose a power supply for the TEC controller