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BME680 Digital Humidity Temperature Pressure High Altitude Sensor Module

BME680 Digital Humidity Temperature Pressure High Altitude Sensor Module

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  • This is BME680 Digital Humidity Temperature Pressure High Altitude Sensor Module
  • Precise Environmental Measurements: Monitor humidity, temperature, and pressure with the BME680 Digital Sensor Module for accurate and reliable data.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily connect the module to popular development platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, enabling effortless IoT and home automation projects.
  • Enhanced Air Quality Monitoring: Stay informed about indoor and outdoor air quality, making it perfect for health-conscious individuals and environmental enthusiasts.
  • Versatile Applications: From weather monitoring to industry-specific needs, this sensor module is a valuable tool for a wide range of projects and smart device applications.
  • Data Logging Made Easy: Create comprehensive data logging systems with the BME680 module to track and analyze environmental changes over time.
  • Compact and Reliable: Experience efficiency and innovation with this compact sensor module, designed to deliver precise measurements for your projects.

BME680 Digital Humidity Temperature Pressure High Altitude Sensor Module

Discover an unparalleled sensor module, the BME680 Digital Humidity Temperature Pressure High Altitude Sensor Module, for precise environmental measurements. This module ensures accurate readings of humidity, temperature, and pressure, making it an ideal choice across various applications.

Whether you're an enthusiast or professional, the BME680 module offers unmatched versatility. It seamlessly integrates with popular development platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, simplifying the incorporation into IoT projects, home automation systems, and smart devices.

Leveraging its advanced capabilities, this sensor module empowers you to monitor and analyze air quality, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. Stay updated on weather conditions, establish data logging systems, and enhance industry applications with the precise measurements provided by the BME680.

Experience a compact and reliable solution for your measurement needs with the BME680 Digital Humidity Temperature Pressure High Altitude Sensor Module. Step into the realm of digital sensors and elevate your projects to new heights. Witness accuracy, efficiency, and innovation with the BME680 module.


  • Personal air quality tracker
  • Air quality mapping
  • Air quality inside cars & public transport
  • Enhanced context awareness
  • Accurate step & calorie tracker
  • Quick GPS fix & improved navigation
  • Indicator of too high/low humidity
  • Air quality & well-being indicator
  • Sleep/recovery tracker
  • Weather trend
  • Stair counter
  • Floor level detection

Package Includes:

  • 1 x BME680 Temperature Sensor Module


Model  BME680
Module Type Temperature Sensor, humidity Sensor, barometric pressure sensor, and VOC gas sensor
Humidity Accuracy  ±3%
Pressure Accuracy  ±1 hPa absolute
Temperature Accuracy  ±1.0°C
Dimensions  2 x 2 x 1cms 
Weight  5 grams

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1. What is BME680 sensor?

The BME680 is the first gas sensor with high-linearity and high-accuracy gas, pressure, humidity, and temperature sensors integrated. It is designed specifically for mobile applications and wearables where size and power consumption are critical.

2. What does BME680 measure?

The BME680 is a digital environmental sensor that measures pressure, humidity, and temperature. The sensor communicates with a microcontroller via the I2C or SPI protocols.

3. What gases does BME680 detect?

The BME680 takes those sensors a step further by including a small MOX sensor. Because the resistance of heated metal oxide changes depending on the volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air, it can be used to detect gases and alcohols such as ethanol, alcohol, and carbon monoxide, as well as perform air quality measurements.

4. How accurate is BMP280?

The BMP280 can measure humidity with ±3% accuracy, barometric pressure with ±1 hPa absolute accuracy, and temperature with ±1.0°C accuracy

5. What is BME280 used for?

The BME280 is capable of measuring pressure, humidity, and temperature. If the locally reported barometric pressure is known, use the data to calculate relative altitude changes or absolute altitude.

6. How does a BME680 sensor module work?

The BME680 sensor module integrates temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and VOC gas sensors to provide comprehensive environmental measurements. Here's how it works:

  • Temperature Measurement: The module includes a temperature sensor that accurately measures temperature with a ±1.0°C accuracy. It detects the ambient temperature in the surrounding environment.
  • Humidity Measurement: The humidity sensor within the module measures the relative humidity of the air. It provides ±3% humidity accuracy, allowing precise humidity monitoring.
  • Barometric Pressure Measurement: The module incorporates a barometric pressure sensor to measure the atmospheric pressure. It offers ±1 hPa absolute accuracy for accurate pressure readings.
  • VOC Gas Sensing: The BME680 sensor module features a MOX (Metal Oxide) sensor that detects volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. When VOCs are present, the heated metal oxide changes its resistance, enabling the sensor to detect gases and alcohols such as ethanol, alcohol, and carbon monoxide.
  • Air Quality Measurements: By analyzing the resistance changes in the MOX sensor, the BME680 module can assess the air quality in terms of VOC content. However, it cannot differentiate between specific gases or alcohols, providing a single resistance value for overall VOC content.

The BME680 sensor module communicates with a microcontroller using protocols like I2C or SPI. It offers high accuracy and precision, making it suitable for various applications such as air quality tracking, weather monitoring, and enhanced context awareness.

7. What are the applications of a BME680 digital humidity temperature sensor module?

The BME680 digital humidity temperature sensor module offers a wide range of applications due to its versatile capabilities. Here are some common applications of the BME680 sensor module:

  • Personal Air Quality Tracker: The BME680 module can be used to monitor and track the air quality in personal environments. It can measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and provide insights into the overall air quality.
  • Air Quality Mapping: By deploying multiple BME680 sensors in various locations, you can create a network to map air quality in different areas. This helps in identifying pollution hotspots and understanding air quality patterns.
  • Air Quality Inside Cars & Public Transport: The BME680 module can be integrated into vehicles to monitor the air quality inside cars and public transport systems. This enables passengers to be aware of the air quality they are exposed to during their journeys.
  • Enhanced Context Awareness: With its ability to measure temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, the BME680 sensor module can enhance context awareness in various applications. For example, it can provide weather information to optimize navigation systems or adjust settings in smart home automation based on environmental conditions.
  • Accurate Step & Calorie Tracker: By utilizing the altimeter functionality of the BME680 module, it can accurately track steps and calculate calories burned during physical activities. The altimeter feature uses pressure measurements to estimate changes in altitude.
  • Quick GPS Fix & Improved Navigation: The BME680 module's precise altitude measurements can assist in providing a quick GPS fix for navigation devices, leading to improved accuracy and faster location acquisition.
  • Indicator of High/Low Humidity: The BME680 module can monitor humidity levels and serve as an indicator of excessively high or low humidity conditions. This information is useful for maintaining optimal humidity levels in environments such as greenhouses, storage facilities, or homes.
  • Air Quality & Well-being Indicator: By continuously monitoring air quality parameters, the BME680 sensor module can provide real-time feedback on the air quality index and contribute to maintaining a healthier indoor or outdoor environment.
  • Sleep/Recovery Tracker: The BME680 module's environmental sensing capabilities can be leveraged to track sleep quality and recovery by monitoring temperature, humidity, and air quality in sleeping environments.
  • Weather Trend: The BME680 module's measurements can contribute to weather trend analysis, providing insights into temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure changes over time.
  • Stair Counter: By utilizing altitude changes measured by the BME680 module, it can accurately count the number of stairs climbed, making it useful for fitness tracking applications.
  • Floor Level Detection: Using the BME680 module's altimeter functionality, it can detect changes in floor levels, aiding in indoor navigation and position tracking.

These are just a few examples of the applications of the BME680 digital humidity temperature sensor module. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of environmental monitoring, IoT, and smart device applications.

8. Can the BME680 module be used for indoor air quality monitoring?

BME680 module detects volatile organic compounds (VOCs) indoors, indicating air quality. It also measures temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, providing insights into comfort and health. Track and assess indoor air quality over time using the module with microcontrollers or development boards. Applications include personal trackers, mapping, and context awareness. Note that it gives an overall VOC assessment, but cannot differentiate specific gases or alcohols. Further sensors may be needed for detailed analysis or identification of gases.

9. Is the BME680 module compatible with Arduino?

The BME680 module is compatible with Arduino, connecting via I2C or SPI. Connect module pins accordingly, use Arduino libraries to read sensor data. Various libraries available for configuring sensor and retrieving readings. Easily integrate BME680 module into Arduino projects for air quality monitoring, weather stations, and environmental sensing systems.

10. Can the BME680 module be integrated with a Raspberry Pi?

The BME680 module can be connected to a Raspberry Pi using I2C or SPI interfaces. For I2C, connect the SDA and SCL pins of the module to the corresponding GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi. For SPI, connect the MISO, MOSI, SCLK, and CS pins. Use libraries like Adafruit BME680 Python library to interact with the module. Install the library and write Python code to retrieve temperature, humidity, pressure, and VOC gas readings. This integration allows for applications like air quality monitoring, weather stations, and environmental sensors using the Raspberry Pi's power and connectivity.

11. What are the advantages of using a BME680 sensor module over other sensors?

The BME680 sensor module combines multiple sensing capabilities in one device, offering high accuracy measurements for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and VOC gas sensing. It provides valuable insights into air quality and environmental monitoring. Additionally, it functions as an altimeter and supports various communication protocols. The BME680 module's small form factor makes it suitable for space-constrained applications. With readily available software libraries, it simplifies integration. Overall, it offers comprehensive environmental sensing capabilities, high accuracy, and convenient integration options, making it ideal for air quality monitoring, weather stations, and indoor environmental monitoring.

12. Can the BME680 module be used in home automation systems?

The BME680 module is useful for home automation. It offers temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and VOC gas sensing. It can be used for climate control, air quality monitoring, environmental sensing, energy management, and personal comfort. By integrating it into a home automation system, it optimizes energy efficiency, detects pollutants, forecasts weather, and enhances personalized comfort. Its versatile capabilities make it valuable for creating intelligent and responsive environments in smart homes.

13. Is the BME680 module suitable for weather monitoring applications?

The BME680 module is ideal for weather monitoring. It provides temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and VOC gas sensing capabilities. It measures temperature accurately, tracks humidity levels, detects changes in barometric pressure, estimates altitude, and monitors air quality. The module is versatile for weather-related measurements and can be integrated into weather stations, environmental monitoring systems, or IoT applications for comprehensive weather monitoring and gathering data on current weather conditions, trends, and air quality.

14. Does the BME680 module provide real-time readings?

The BME680 module has sensors for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and VOC gas detection. It can provide real-time readings by communicating with a microcontroller using I2C or SPI protocols. It measures temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure with high accuracy. The VOC gas sensing capability detects volatile organic compounds in the air, although it cannot differentiate between specific gases. Integrating the module into a system or application allows continuous monitoring and responsiveness to changes in environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and air quality.