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Red Chassis

Red Chassis-Robocraze
Red Chassis-Robocraze
Red Chassis-Robocraze
  • Red Chassis-Robocraze
  • Red Chassis-Robocraze
  • Red Chassis-Robocraze

Red Chassis

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  • This is the Red chassis
  • The Sheet Thickness of this Red chassis is 1.5 mm.
  • The Motor Fitting Hole Diameter of this Red chassis is 13.75 mm.
  • Many perforated holes have been given for easy attachment of the development board and sensors.
  • This Red chassis has easy to mount motor structure
  • This chassis is used in smart robots, and line follower robots.

Red Chassis

This is the Red chassis, It can either be used in skid steel configuration  or differential configuration . The body contains perforated holes for easy mounting of various size circuit boards and other mechanical components.
This Chassis board is widely used as a mechanical frame structure of the mobile robots. It is the backbone of the robot, where we arrange and connect everything like motors, sensors, and wheelsIt gives you the base to build our robot and allow you place your components according to requirements.


  • Robot car
  • Obstacle avoiding car
  • Line follower robot 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Red Chassis


Material  Metal sheet
Color Red
Sheet Thickness 1.5 mm
Motor Fitting Hole Diameter 13.75 mm
Dimensions (cm) 11.5 x 10.5 x 4.6 
Weight 200 gm

1. What are the main objectives of chassis?

  • The chassis provides the strength required to support the various vehicular components as well as the payload and aids in keeping the vehicle rigid and stiff. Consequently, the chassis is also an important component of the overall safety system.

2. What is a Chassis?

  • A chassis is the underpart of a Robot, consisting of an internal vehicle frame that supports an artificial object in its construction and use, and can also protect some internal parts.

3. What components are mounted to the chassis?

  • Chassis is considered the backbone of the vehicle. The components of the DIY Robotic vehicle like motors, wheels, sensors, batteries, Micro controller are mounted on the Chassis frame.