Muscle Sensor Kit - Robocraze
Muscle Sensor Kit - Robocraze
Muscle Sensor Kit - Robocraze
  • Muscle Sensor Kit - Robocraze
  • Muscle Sensor Kit - Robocraze
  • Muscle Sensor Kit - Robocraze

Muscle Sensor Kit

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  • Embedded electrode connector - electrodes now snap directly to myoware, getting rid of those pesky cables and making the myoware wearable.
  • Led indicators - we've added two onboard led's one to let you know when the myoware's power is on.
  • Raw egg output - a popular request from grad students, the myoware now has a secondary output of the raw egg waveform.
  • Single supply - myoware won't need +/- voltage power supplies unlike our previous sensor.

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Biomedical Sensors

Muscle Sensor Kit

This Muscle Sensor v3 from Advancer Technologies measures, filters, rectifies, and amplifies the electrical activity of a muscle and produces an analogue output signal that can easily be read by a microcontroller, enabling novel, muscle-controlled interfaces for your projects.

Wiring Instructions:

  • To use this sensor, the user must have three electrodes connected to the subject’s body.
  • The reference electrode should be placed on an inactive section of the body, such as the bony portion of the elbow, shin or forearm. This electrode should be connected to the black or brown cable.
  • The two other electrodes should be placed along the muscle selected to be measured. The second electrode should be placed along the mid-length of the muscle; this electrode should be connected to the red cable.
  • The last electrode should be placed at the end of the muscle and connected to the blue cable.
  • Finally, connect pin SIG to an analog input pin of your microcontroller and the GND pin to the ground pin on your microcontroller.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x EMG Muscle Sensor V3.0 Module.
  • 3 x Electrode Pad.
  • 1 x Connecting Cable.


Operating voltage  5V
Audio-style plug 3.5 mm jack
Length of connecting cable 1 m
Dimensions  3.3 x 2.6 x 1.5cms
Weight  100 grams