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IOTIF - IOT Trainer Kit with Pi 4B 1GB

IOTIF - IOT Trainer Kit with Pi 4B 1GB

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  • The IOTIF trainer kit features a plug and play design that makes it easy for connections and helps students to focus more on application development.
  • It consists of onboard microcontrollers like Raspberry Pi, Nano Board along with compatible sensors and actuators.
  • The IOTIF kit will help students develop mini-projects or developing a product prototype.
  • It is integrated with components that follow the latest industrial trends.
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IOTIF Trainer and Prototype Board

What is an IOTIF Trainer Kit?

The IOTIF trainer kit is an electronic trainer kit consisting of three micro-controllers: Raspberry Pi 4B 1GB / Raspberry Pi 4B (with SD Card and pre-installed Raspbian OS), Arduino Nano and ESP-01; and a variety of sensors and actuators like Buzzer, LED, RGB LED, Relay, Ultrasonic sensor, Light Dependent Resistor (LDR),  Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR sensor), Humidity and Temperature sensor (DHT-11), Servo motor, Stepper motor, Bluetooth module (HC-05), Liquid crystal display (LCD), Joystick and a Membrane Keypad.

How did the IOTIF Trainer Kit come into existence?

The IOTIF trainer kit was a grand collaboration between TIF Labs and CISCO support team and was designed with the objective of spreading awareness among Professors and students on the importance and applications of IoT. In 2017, it was launched at the ‘CISCO Academy National Conference 2017’ held in India, after which TIF Labs kickstarted the manufacturing, supplying and wholesaling of the IOTIF starter kit to educational institutes and training facilities. The kit was highly appreciated by the dignitaries of CISCO and the Professors from all across the country.

Why is IOTIF necessary for Engineering students?

IOTIF Training and Prototype board was designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation by simplifying the process and eliminating hassles of the hardware connection. The Trainer kit was designed by keeping in mind the current industry trends and standards and gives the user the best of both worlds, embedded system and IoT. IOTIF trainer kit would set up the perfect stage for the graduating engineers who are interested in developing IoT and embedded systems. This trainer kit is in sync with the latest industrial requirements, which improves the skill set of students and increases their employability.

What makes IOTIF an integrated system of microcontrollers?

The intercommunication of the Nano board and Raspberry Pi board with the different modules provides an integrated system and gives the IOTIF Trainer Kit an edge. For example; Nano Board can be integrated with ESP-01 to make it Wi-Fi enabled. On the other hand, Raspberry Pi can make use of its on-board WiFi module. The two modules can be programmed to interact with each other, servers and Cloud. Thanks to IoT, the data can be accessed using mobile apps or browser from any part of the world.

IOTIF Trainer Kit

Where is the IOTIF LAB set up in India?

Since the objective of setting up the IOTIF Lab is to educate and train Professors on the subject on the Internet of Things, IOTIF Labs have been set up in various education institutes, Universities and Labs. Recently, IOTIF was set up in NBKR Institute of Science and Technology. Apart from this, the IOTIF Lab was also set up in the following institutes:

  •  Sona Institute of Technology
  •  Trident Academy of Technology
  •  Swarnandhra Institute of Engineering & Technology
  •  Gokhale Education Society's R. H. Sapat College of Engineering
  •  Karunya University
  •  MSME Tool Room

As the developers of IOTIF trainer kit, we will provide you with end to end lab set up and faculty training on how to use the trainer kit. Our top technicians and developers will assist you with the training of the product with its applications on real-life problems.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x IOTIF Board.
  • 1 x Set of 4 pin RMC connectors.
  • 1 x Set of 8 pin RMC connectors.
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable.
  • 1 x 2 Pin Adapter Cable.
  • 1 x Lab Manual.
  • 1 x Casing.

On-Board Components of the IOTIF:

The IOTIF training kit is integrated with the state of the art microcontrollers, development boards, wifi boards, Bluetooth modules and sensors that are compatible with each other.

Raspberry Pi 4B 1GB  x 1
SD Card x 1
Nano Board compatible with Arduino x 1
PIR Sensor  x 1
HCSR04 Ultrasonic Sensor x 1
DHT11 Sensor x 1
PS2 Joystick Module  x 1
ESP8266 x 1
Bluetooth Module x 1
4 x 4 Membrane Keypad x 1
Relay Module  x 1
Breadboard  x 1
LED x 1
16 x 2 LCD Module  x 1
Stepper Motor x 1
Servo Motor x 1


Here is a Demo to get a deeper understanding of the IOTIF Trainer Kit:

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