IOTIF Trainer Kit

Connect with ease, programme your board, and get results right away. Enjoy IOTIF and forget about all connectivity issues. Start out quickly. IOTIF includes an extensive manual and more than 80 experiments for users at all skill levels. Focus should be placed more on application development and prototyping than on intricate relationships. Let's get going!

With IOTIF Trainer Kit You have A Good Learning Edge: 
Hands-On Experience: Without hands-on experience, learning is impossible. IOTIF includes a manual of 80+ experiments, including both theory and practise, for your best experience.


Embedded systems and Internet of Things experiments for beginners to experts using the Raspberry Pi, ESP, and Arduino. All age groups are helped in their learning.


IOTIF has numerous sensors and output devices in addition to a breadboard that you can use to connect other parts.


Hands-on training that is in line with modern technology trends and industry standards, which aids in career development and growth.


Machine Learning

Create programmes that can predict outcomes more accurately without explicit programming.

Electric Vehicle

Electric-powered battery-powered vehicles are now considered to be the direction of the automotive industry.


The low power wireless platform known as LoRa is currently the standard wireless platform for the Internet of Things.


Make use of your Raspberry Pi as a programmable logic controller industrial kit (PLC)