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FlySky FS-TH9X 2.4G 9CH Transmitter

FlySky FS-TH9X 2.4G 9CH Transmitter

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  • Transmitter: FS-TH9X Upgrade with FS-RM003 2.4GHz Module
  • Receiver: FS-IA10B
  • Default Mode: Mode-2
  • Input Power: 12V DC (1.5V x 8  AAA Battery)
  • Bidirectional System
  • Frequencies-Hopping

FlySky FS-TH9X 2.4G 9CH Transmitter

A transmitter is one of the most crucial parts while using a drone. Because it uses radio signals to communicate wirelessly with a Radio Receiver that is attached to an aircraft or multirotor that is being remotely controlled, you can't fly a multirotor without it.

The flysky th9x range FS-TH9X 2.4GHz 9CH Upgrade Transmitter and FS-IA10B Receiver have completely changed how people experience RC, and they can now compete with the best products on the market.

fs th9x  designed and domestically patented this Upgraded 9 channel with FS-RM003 2.4GHz Module TRANSMITTER'S AFHDS (automatic frequency hopping digital system) for all Radio Control model enthusiasts. The fs th9x system was specifically created for all radio control models because they have excellent active and passive anti-jamming capabilities, extremely low power requirements, and great receiver sensitivity. fs-th9x

FLYSKY AFHDS is presently regarded as one of the top systems on the market after years of market research and extremely rigorous testing by engineers.

The standard of the latest generation of radio systems flysky 9x is 2.4GHz because of its many benefits. By operating at 2.4 GHz, the radio control is kept out of the frequency range of any "noise" produced by the other electronic parts of your helicopters, such as the brushless motor, Electronic speed controller, Servos, and any metal-to-metal noise, which eliminates interference and glitching that can affect traditional frequency systems.

FlySky is the brand name. FS-TH9X 2.4G 9CH Upgrade is the item name. 9 channels are available. Model types include cars, boats, helicopters, gliders, and quadcopters. 2.40 to 2.48GHz is the RF band.

FlySky FS Transmitter

  • works between 2.405 and 2.475GHz in frequency. Each radio system in this band uses 16 separate channels and 160 different types of hopping algorithms. This band has been broken into 142 independent channels.
  • This radio system spans the entire frequency spectrum and has a high gain, high-quality multidirectional antenna. This radio system, when combined with a high sensitivity receiver, ensures jam-free long-distance radio communication.
  • Each transmitter has a distinct ID, and when a transmitter and receiver are connected, the receiver stores the distinct ID and may only accept data from the distinct transmitter. By avoiding selecting a different transmitter signal, greatly improves safety and interference immunity.
  • This radio system makes use of sensitive receiver chips and low-power electronic components.
  • Even more, electricity is saved by the intermittent signal used in RF modulation.
  • According to the needs of the customer, the AFHDS2A system's automated identification feature can convert the current mode automatically between one-way and two-way communication.

How to bind the RX (receiver) to the TX (transmitter):

  • Plug bind plug into BAT, turn on plane/heli, and the LED light should flash (make sure power is connected to RX via ESC)

  • Hold down the bind button on the transmitter module while turning on the TX

  • The light should go steady now

  • Let go of the bind button, turn off plane/heli, remove the bind plug, and turn off TX

  • Turn on TX and then turn on plane/heli

Package Includes:

  • 1 x FlySky FS-TH9X 2.4G 9CH Transmitter (Mode 2)
  • 1 x FS-IA10B 2.4GHz Receiver
  • 1 x FS-RM003 2.4GHz Module
  • 1 x Bind Plug
  • 1 x User Manual


Brand  Flysky 
Dimensions  21 x 15 x 11 cms
Weight  250 grams

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1. What is range of Flysky th9x Range? 

350–400 m is the control range.

2. What transmitters work with FlySky receivers?

This receiver has an autobind feature, which means that each time it is turned on, it automatically tries to bind. These transmitters are compatible with FS-i4, FS-i6, FS-i6S, FS-i6X, and FS-i10.

3. Which is the best FlySky transmitter?

The top of the line product from FlySky, the FS-i10, has 10 native channels with all the (5) knobs and (7) switches needed to fully utilize them all.