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74HC165 - 8-Bit Parallel In/Serial Out Shift Register IC

74HC165 - 8-Bit Parallel In/Serial Out Shift Register IC-Robocraze

74HC165 - 8-Bit Parallel In/Serial Out Shift Register IC

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  • Typical propagation delay: 20 ns (clock to Q) 
  • Wide operating supply voltage range: 2–6V 
  • Low input current: 1 µA maximum 
  • Low quiescent supply current: 80 µA maximum (74HC Series) 
  • Fanout of 10 LS-TTL loads 

74HC165 - 8-Bit Parallel In/Serial Out Shift Register IC

The 74HC Series 74HC165 high-speed PARALLEL-IN/SERIAL-OUT SHIFT REGISTER utilizes advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology. It has the low power consumption and high noise immunity of standard CMOS integrated circuits, along with the ability to drive 10 LS-TTL loads. This 8-bit serial shift register shifts data from QA to QH when clocked. Parallel inputs to each stage are enabled by a low level at the SHIFT/LOAD input. 

Also included is a gated CLOCK input and a complementary output from the eighth bit. Clocking is accomplished through a 2-input NOR gate permitting one input to be used as a CLOCK INHIBIT function. Holding either of the CLOCK inputs high inhibits clocking, and holding either CLOCK input low with the SHIFT/LOAD input high enables the other CLOCK input. Data transfer occurs on the positive-going edge of the clock. 

Parallel loading is inhibited as long as the SHIFT/LOAD input is HIGH. When taken LOW, data at the parallel inputs are loaded directly into the register independent of the state of the clock. The 74HC logic family is functionally as well as pin-out compatible with the standard 74LS logic family. All inputs are protected from damage due to static discharge by internal diode clamps to VCC and the ground.


Pinout Of 74HC165

Package Includes:

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Supply Voltage (VCC − 0.5 to + 7.0V DC 
Input Voltage (VIN) −1.5V to VDD + 1.5V
Output Voltage (VOUT) − 0.5 to VCC + 0.5V
Clamp Diode Current (IIK, IOK) ± 20 mA
DC Output Current, per pin (IOUT) ± 25 mA
DC VCC or GND Current, per pin (ICC) ± 50 mA 
Storage Temperature Range (TSTG) − 65°C to + 150°C 
Power Dissipation (PD) (Note 4) 600 mW
S.O. Package only 500 mW
Lead Temperature (TL)  260°C


1.What is 74HC165?

  • The 74HC165 are 8-bit serial or parallel-in/serial-out shift registers. The device features a serial data input (DS), eight parallel data inputs (D0 to D7) and two complementary serial outputs (Q7 and Q7).

2.What is the difference between 74HC165 and 74HC595?

  • The two most prevalent (but not alone) for Arduino are 74HC165 and 74HC595. The 74HC165 can link up to 8 inputs (e.g. switches) to a few GPIOs. The 74HC595 can connect up to 8 outputs (for example, Lights) to just a few GPIOs.