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4-bit Parallel-Access Shift Register IC - 74HC95

4-bit Parallel-Access Shift Register IC - 74HC95-Robocraze

4-bit Parallel-Access Shift Register IC - 74HC95

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  • Synchronous, Expandable Shift Right 
  • Synchronous Shift Left Capability 
  • Synchronous Parallel Load 
  • Separate Shift and Load Clock Inputs 
  • Input Clamp Diodes Limit High Speed Termination Effects 

4-bit Parallel-Access Shift Register IC - 74HC95

The 74HC Series 74HC95 is a 4-Bit Shift Register with serial and parallel synchronous operating modes. The serial shift right and parallel load are activated by separate clock inputs which are selected by a mode control input.

The data is transferred from the serial or parallel D inputs to the Q outputs synchronous with the HIGH to LOW transition of the appropriate clock input. The HC95 is fabricated with the Schottky barrier diode process for high speed and is completely compatible with all Motorola TTL families.


Pinout Of 74HC95 IC

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Supply voltage 4.75V to 5.25V
HIGH level input voltage 2V
LOW level input voltage 0.8V
HIGH level output current -0.8mA
LOW level output current 16mA
Clock frequency 25MHz
Operating temperature -55℃ to 125℃


1.What is the function of the 74HC95 IC? 

  • The 74HC95 integrated circuit is a 4-bit shift register with parallel load and asynchronous reset capabilities. It is frequently used in digital circuits that require data storage and transfer.

2.How does the asynchronous reset function of the 74HC95 IC work? 

  • The 74HC95 IC's asynchronous reset function enables the shift register to be reset to its initial state at any time, regardless of the clock signal. When the reset input (labelled "MR") is set to a low logic level, the shift register's Q outputs are cleared to zero.

3.What is the difference between the 74HC95 IC and the 74HC194 IC?

  • Both the 74HC95 and 74HC194 are 4-bit shift registers that support parallel load and asynchronous reset. The 74HC194, on the other hand, has synchronous serial input and output, allowing it to be cascaded with other shift registers to form longer chains. The 74HC95, on the other hand, lacks serial input and output and can only function as a standalone device.