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A display module is an LED screen that represents the output picture to the user and also sometimes provides a touch screen for user interaction. A display module is defined as a highly integrated real-time embedded system that is tuned to efficiently interact and communicate with the environment. 

Different types of display modules: 

1. OLED Display Module:  

OLED Display module (organic light-emitting diode), is a self-light-emitting technology that is composed of a thin, multi-layered organic film that is placed between the anode and cathode. In contrast with LCD technology, OLED does not require a backlight for displaying the output. OLEDs are used in home electronic module displays. 

2. LCD Display Module: 

An LCD display module (Liquid crystal display) is an electronic display module that uses liquid crystals to produce an image. Unlike OLED technology, they require a backlight to illuminate the display on the screen. 

3. Arduino display module: 

Arduino display module allows communication with alphanumeric liquid crystal displays (LCD). Here we accept serial input from the computer and upload the sketch to Arduino. The characters will be displayed on the LCD. This type of display module which is attached to Arduino is called the Arduino display module. 

4. LED Display Module: 

An LED display module is a small screen that includes an LED and the rest of the necessary electronics so that it can reproduce images and videos. They are used in audiovisual display visual impact production. They are light and accessible, they produce good resolution and their contrast ratio is unmatchable. 

5. Paper Display: 

A paper display or electronic paper display (EDP) is an electrically charged surface that replicates the look and experience of ink on the paper. They only require power when a new image is requested. Instead of a traditional display that uses backlighting to illuminate pixels, an EDP is based on a phenomenon called electrophoresis. 

6. TFT LCD Display: 

The TFT LCD display is a type of liquid crystal display module. The TFT LCD Display uses a thin film transistor technology and it improves qualities like contrast and accessibility. This TFT refreshes more quickly than a monochrome LED screen. Due to this feature, they generally cost more than LED or LCD screens. 

7. Accessory Display: 

At Robocraze, we have different display accessories for LED, LCD, and OLED displays. We offer an  Acrylic Case Shell for DIY Oscillator Kit. This is greatly designed for oscilloscope and this can efficiently protect the meter. We also offer a 7-inch universal tablet flip cover with a keyboard.


Display Module Prices in India

Sr. No.ProductPrice Range
1LCD Display Modules Rs. 75 to Rs.5295
2OLED Display Modules Rs. 27 to Rs.531
3TFT Display ModulesRs.349 to Rs.3764 
47 Segment Display ModuleRs.2388
5E-Ink Display Module Rs.3760 to Rs.6747
6Capacitive Touch Display Module Rs.6499
7Accessories Display Module Rs. 39 to Rs.250 

What is a display module? 

A display module is defined as a highly interactive real-time embedded system that is tuned to interact efficiently with the environment. 


What displays can you use with Arduino?

There are a lot of displays that are compatible with the Arduino. Here are a few displays that are compatible with Arduino. 

  1. TFT display 
  2. LCD TFT01 Shield for Mega Board 
  3. TFT display with driver 
  4. HMI UART display 
  5. LCD module TFT Resistive touch screen panel 

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