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Triple 2-channel Multiplexer/Demultiplexer IC - CD4053

Triple 2-channel Multiplexer/Demultiplexer IC - CD4053

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  • Wide range of digital and analog signal levels: digital 3 – 15V, analog to 15Vp-p.
  • Low “ON” resistance: 80Ω (typ.) over entire 15Vp-p signal-input range for VDD − VEE = 15V.
  • High “OFF” resistance: channel leakage of ±10 pA (typ.) at VDD − VEE = 10V.
  • Logic level conversion for digital addressing signals of 3 – 15V (VDD − VSS = 3 – 15V) to switch analog signals to 15 Vp-p (VDD − VEE = 15V).
  • Matched switch characteristics: RON = 5Ω (typ.) for VDD − VEE = 15V.
  • Very low quiescent power dissipation under all digital-control input and supply conditions: 1 μ W (typ.) at VDD − VSS = VDD − VEE = 10V.
  • Binary address decoding on chip.

Triple 2-channel Multiplexer/Demultiplexer IC - CD4053

The CD4053 analog multiplexers demultiplexers are digitally controlled analog switches having low “ON” impedance and very low “OFF” leakage currents. Control of analog signals up to 15Vp-p can be achieved by digital signal amplitudes of 3−15V. For example, if VDD = 5V, VSS = 0V and VEE = −5V, analog signals from −5V to +5V can be controlled by digital inputs of 0−5V. The multiplexer circuits dissipate extremely low quiescent power over the full VDD−VSS and VDD−VEE supply voltage ranges, independent of the logic state of the control signals. When a logical “1” is present at the inhibit input terminal all channels are “OFF”.

CD4053 is a triple 2-channel multiplexer having three separate digital control inputs, A, B, and C, and an inhibit input. Each control input selects one of a pair of channels which are connected in a single-pole double-throw configuration.

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Part number CD4053BC
DC Supply Voltage (VDD) −0.5VDC to +18VDC
Input Voltage (VIN)  −0.5VDC to VDD + 0.5VDC
 Storage Temperature Range (TS) −65°C to +150°C
  Power Dissipation (PD) Dual-In-Line 700 mW
Lead Temperature (TL) 260°C