2.4 inch HMI UART Display

2.4 inch HMI UART Display
2.4 inch HMI UART Display
2.4 inch HMI UART Display
  • 2.4 inch HMI UART Display
  • 2.4 inch HMI UART Display
  • 2.4 inch HMI UART Display

2.4 inch HMI UART Display

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  • Based on self-designed T5L ASIC, 2.4 Inches, 262K Colors, 320*240 Pixel TFT LCD
  • No/Resistive/Capacitive touch screen Optional
  • 10Pin1.0mm FCC connection wire
  • Two Development System: DGUS II/ TA(Instruction set)
  • SD card or DGUS TOOL on-line serial port downloading ways
  • Net Weight: DMG32240C024_03WTR : 35g / DMG32240C024_03WTC: 35g
  • It is easy to use DWIN DGUS V7.6 GUIs Development, no coding skills required

2.4inch 320x240 Resistive touch HMI display

This IPS 2.4inch inch Smart HMI (Human Machine Interface) LCD module with Resistive touch screen. This LCD module allows the user to design a rich GUI based interactive system on the LCD. It has an audible ton indication s the user interacts with the module. This type of smart LCD can be used in a variety of machines such as vending machines etc where an end-user needs to interact with the machine.

Any microcontroller can serially communicate with this module to send or receive the data. Standard UART based serial communication interface allows the same. Special GUI and functionality design software is available for the design of the interaction flow on the smart LCD. Flexible approach to communicating with the LCD module open a lot of applications possibility. A variety of HMI utilities can be achieved using this fast response, Resistive touch smart HMI display module.

If comparing TFT screen in display performance, IPS LCD is better than traditional a-is TN TFT LED display in viewing angle and color conversion, IPS is with higher contrast than TN TFT LCD

Resistive touchscreens: which allow both finger and non-finger input (e.g., glove, stylus), are used in feature phones, global positioning systems (GPS), printers, digital cameras, and larger displays. They generally support single-finger touch and basic gestures, and cost less to produce

HMI Touch screen displays: are panel-mounted devices with responsive touch screens for operator input. They display graphics and allow the easy selection of options, making them helpful in many industrial and commercial environments. The touch panels aid control and visualization in a wide range of applications

In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology is another type of LCD TV technology. These panels are more accurate in their picture reproduction and show more accurate color from narrow viewing angles. In simple terms, IPS was better than LCD

In Conclusion. Like other touchscreen technologies, resistive has several advantages and disadvantages. They are strong and durable while also supporting all forms of touch commands. On the other hand, resistive touchscreens offer a lower level of sensitivity, as well as display resolution, than capacitive touchscreens

Pin Diagram:


Package Includes:

  • 1 x 2.4 inch HMI UART Display

Display Specifications:

Color 18-bit 6R6G6B
Viewing Angle Normal viewing angle, 70°/70°/50°/70° (L/R/U/D)
Display Area(A.A) 36.7mm (W)×49.0mm (H)
Resolution 320×240 pixels (0°/90°/180°/270°)
Backlight LED
Brightness DMG32240C024_03WN: 300nit
DMG32240C024_03WTR: 240nit
DMG32240C024_03WTC: 270nit

 Touch parameters

Type RTP (Resistive touch panel)
Structure ITO film + ITO glass
Touch Mode Support point touch and drag
Surface Hardness 3H
Light Transmittance Over 80%
Life Over 1,000,000 times touch
Type CTP (Capacitive touch panel)
Structure G+G structure with surface cover of Asahi tempered glass
Touch Mode Support point touch and drag
Surface Hardness 6H
Light Transmittance Over 90%
Life Over 1,000,000 times touch

Voltage & Current

Power Voltage 4.5~5.5V, typical value of 5V
Operation Current VCC=5V, max backlight, 240mA
VCC=5V, backlight off,110mA

Reliability Test

Working Temperature -20~70℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~80℃
Working Humidity 10%~90%RH, typical value of 60% RH


LCM interface FPC40_0.5mm, RGB interface
RTP interface FPC4_1.0mm
CTP interface 6Pin_0.5mm, IIC interface
Baudrate 3150~3225600bps, typical value of 115200bps
Output Voltage Output 1, Iout = -4mA;3.0~3.3 V
Output 0, Iout = 4mA;0~0.3 V
Input Voltage
Input 1: 2.4~5.0V; Input 0: 0~0.5V
User Interface 10Pin_1.0mm latching socket for power supply and serial communication. Download rate(typical value): 12KByte/s
UART2: TTL/CMOS; UART4: TTL/CMOS;(Only available after OS configuration)
Flash 16MBytes NOR Flash, for fonts, pictures and audio files. Rewrite cycle: over 100,000 times
Buzzer 3V passive buzzer. Power: <1W
SD interface FAT32. Download files by SD interface can be displayed in statistics. Download rate: 4Mb/s
PGT05 interface When product crashes by accident, you can use PGT05 to update DGUS kernel and make the product return to normal


DMG32240C024_03WN Without touch panel, Buzzer
DMG32240C024_03WTR Resistive touch panel, Buzzer
DMG32240C024_03WTC Capacitive touch panel, Buzzer