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12V 2W Solenoid Valve

12V 2W Solenoid Valve-Robocraze
12V 2W Solenoid Valve-Robocraze
12V 2W Solenoid Valve-Robocraze
  • 12V 2W Solenoid Valve-Robocraze
  • 12V 2W Solenoid Valve-Robocraze
  • 12V 2W Solenoid Valve-Robocraze

12V 2W Solenoid Valve

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  • The solenoid valve is integrated with a state-of Arts design and compact construction.
  • It can work normally even when the working differential pressure is close to zero.
  • The solenoid valve features a pipe size of 1/2" and operates at a pressure of 0 ~ 1.0 MPa.
  • It is designed with a flow aperture of 2.5mm-50mm.

12V 2W Solenoid Valve

The 12V solenoid valve is designed with a brass body which operates on 12v DC with a high-pressure Valve. The solenoid valve has various applications and is suitable for various kinds of gases and liquids. It provides high reliability and high sensitivity.

Brass body solenoid valve which operates on 12v dc with a high-pressure valve. Normally open (n/o) electric solenoid valve is constructed with a durable brass body, one-half inch (1/2") female threaded (npt) connections, and heat and nitrile rubber (nbr) seal. Suitable for use with hot or cold water, gas, air, oils or very low viscosity fluids (< 20 cst).


  • Compact and convenient.
  • Easily installed and serviced Precise and reliable.
  • The installation direction can be arbitrary Angle
  • Pressure-regulating valve (steady flow valve) function similar to the water flow switch Not only can it provide a steady flow, but it also prevents the dry burning.
  • Suitable for fluids like water, oil, air

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 12V 2W Solenoid Valve


Model 12V 2W Solenoid Valve
Usage Flow Control
Fluid Pressure 0~1.0MPa
Diaphragm Material NBR or Viton
Certificates CE,ISO,RoHS
Port Size 3/8"~2"
Pipe size 1 /4''-2''
Voltage AC220V DC24V AC380V AC110V allow an increase or decrease 10%
Dimensions 11 x 9 x 5cms
Weight  100 grams

1. What is solenoid valve 12V?

  • Solenoid valves are of the 2-way type used for the simple on/off control of water, air, petrol/gasoline or diesel fuels or gases such as butane or propane.

2. How does a 12V solenoid work?

  • 12V solenoid valves are typically used for simple on/off control of gaseous or liquid media. A simple 2/2-way plastic solenoid valve (2-port, 2-position) controls medium flow or no flow when installed in a piping system. For a normally closed solenoid valve, when 12 volts is applied, the solenoid valve opens and allows flow. When 12 volts are removed from the solenoid valve, the valve automatically closes, preventing flow into the pipe.