Heart Beat Pulse Sensor

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  • Indicates heartbeat by a LED.
  • Provides a direct output digital signal for connecting to a microcontroller.
  • Possesses compact Size.
  • Works with a working Voltage of +5V DC Primary Applications of Heartbeat Sensor.
  • Works as a Digital Heart Rate monitor.
  • Works as a Patient Health Monitoring System.
  • Used as a Bio-Feedback control of robotic application.

Heartbeat sensor

Heartbeat sensor provides a simple way to study the function of the heart which can be measured based on the principle of psycho-physiological signal used as a stimulus for the virtual- reality system. The amount of the blood in the finger changes with respect to time. The sensor shines a light lobe (a small very bright LED) through the ear and measures the light that gets transmitted to the Light Dependent Resistor. The amplified signal gets inverted and filtered, in the Circuit. In order to calculate the heart rate based on the blood flow to the fingertip, a heart-rate sensor is assembled with the help of LM358 OP-AMP for monitoring the heartbeat pulses.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Heart Beat Pulse Sensor


Working Voltage  5V
Chip  LM358
Dimensions  11 x 9 x 5cms 
Weight  50 grams
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