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KY-039 Finger Heartbeat Detection Sensor

KY-039 Finger Heartbeat Detection Sensor

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  • This finger heartbeat sensor is of the model of KY039 sensor which is compatible with arduino.
  • The KY039 heartbeat sensor uses IR LED and an optical transistor to detect pulsation in fingers.
  • This finger heartbeat sensor designed to be small and compact.
  • It is easy to use and is effective in DIY heartbeat based Arduino projects. 

KY-039 Finger Heartbeat Detection Sensor

The KY-039 Finger Heartbeat Detection Sensor is a sensor that can detect a person's pulse or heartbeat. It is a small, portable sensor that easily connects to an Arduino or other microcontroller to read and analyse heart rate. The sensor is made up of a finger clip that attaches to the finger and an infrared sensor that detects blood flow through the finger. The sensor sends information to the microcontroller, which computes the heart rate. The sensor generates an analogue output signal that the microcontroller can read.

The LED is on the light side of the finger, and the phototransistor is on the other side of the finger, the phototransistor is used to obtain the flux emitted when the blood pressure pulse by the finger when the resistance of the phototransistor will be slightly changed. We chose a very high resistance resistor R1 because most of the light through the finger is absorbed, it is a desirable phototransistor sensitive enough. 

The most important is to keep the shield stray light into the phototransistor. For home lighting that is particularly important because the lights at home are mostly based on 50HZ or 60HZ fluctuating, so a faint heartbeat will add considerable noise.


  • DIY Heart Rate Sensor
  • Heart Rate Monitor Using IoT
  • MAX 30102 Heart Rate Monitor on 16x2 LCD

Package Includes:

  • 1 x KY-03T Finger Detection Heartbeat Measuring Sensor Module


Model  KY-039
Sensor Type  Finger Detection Heartbeat Measuring Sensor
Dimensions  2  x 1.4cms 
Weight  5 grams

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1. How does the KY-039 Finger heartBeat Detection Sensor work?

  • The KY-039 Finger Heartbeat  Detection Sensor uses bright infrared (IR) LED and a phototransistor to detect the pulse of the finger, a red LED flashes with each pulse. This component is ideally suited to adding heartbeat sensing to your project.

2. Is the KY-039 Finger Heartbeat Detection sensor compatible with arduino?

  • Yes,This finger heartbeat sensor is of the model of KY039 sensor which is compatible with arduino and also with other development board.The KY039 heartbeat sensor uses IR LED and an optical transistor to detect pulsation in fingers.

3. What is KY-039 Finger Heartbeat Detection Sensor?

  • The KY-039 heartbeat sensor module can be used to detect the heartbeat signal using a finger.The heartbeat signal can be seen through the analog output pin by placing your finger on the module.