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Arduino Robotics Kit for Grade 8 | Ekya School, CMR - Robocraze

Arduino Robotics Kit for Grade 8 | Ekya School, CMR

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  • The arduino kit for class 8 is best suited for students eager to learn about arduino and it's components.
  • All the components in the kit are in best working condition and come in best packaging for safety.
  • This arduino kit is based on the UNO board compatible with arduino.
  • It includes components that work well with the UNO board.

Arduino Robotics Kit for Grade 8

All the components in the arduino kit for grade 8 students are 100% genuine with compatible board for Arduino and are of the best quality. This arduino kit is perfect for school students to learn about arduino and embedded systems. The components of the Arduino kit for class 8 students from Ekya and CMR schools are listed below:

Components of the Kit


UNO Board Compatible with Arduino  1
USB A to B cable 1
Breadboard Regular 1
LED (Multiple Colour) 10
Push Buttons 5
Resistor 220 / 390 Ohm 8
Resistor 10K Ohm 4
Photoresistor (LDR) 1
Piezzo Buzzer 1
Reed Switch 1
PIR sensor 1
DHT-11 1
Potentiometer 1
Jumper Wires 30
9V Battery 1
LCD 16 x 2 Display 1
Rectifier Diode 1
TIP 120 NP Transistor 2
Small 6V DC Motor 1