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Electronics Kit (Computer Science) for Grade 7 | Ekya School, CMR

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  • This is a custom made electronic kit for computer science applications.
  • All the components in the electronics kit are in 100% working conditon and come in best packaging.
  • The electronics kit is best used for students have a keen interest in this field.
  • This kit contains; 2 AA Batteries Holder, 1 x breadboard black running wire, 1 x breadboard red running wire, 1 x mini breadboard, 2 x LED, 2 x resitor and 1 x small DC motor.

Electronics Kit (Computer Science) for Grade 7

The components included in the electronics kits for computer scienceĀ purposes and applications are manufactured and curated with best quality. The compenets of the kit are listing below with their quantity.

Components of the kit


2 AA Batteries Holder 1
Breadboard black wire 1
Breadboard red wire 1
Mini Breadboard 1
Small DC Motor 1