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Arduino xBee Shield

xBee Shield for Arduino-Robocraze
xBee Shield for Arduino-Robocraze
xBee Shield for Arduino-Robocraze
  • xBee Shield for Arduino-Robocraze
  • xBee Shield for Arduino-Robocraze
  • xBee Shield for Arduino-Robocraze

Arduino xBee Shield

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  • This is xBee Shield for Arduino
  • This has Stackable design, easy to plug into the development board compatible with arduino.
  • This shield is Coupled with the Bee Bluetooth module and other Bluetooth devices you can communicate Wirelessly.
  • This shield has 3.3v and 5v dual power output.
  • This shield is 3.3v and 5v IO compatible.
  • This shield has USB2.0 protocol.

xBee Shield for Arduino

xBee shield Modules are great for long range wireless communications and to implement complex mesh networks. But using them in your projects has always been difficult because of the xBee modules odd pin spacing, voltage regulator and level shifter requirements. This shield simplies these issues and makes using xBee Modules almost plug and play. Using this shield, you only have to insert your xbee module on the provided socket and plug the Arduino shield onto your UNO board compatible with Arduino. With no additional circuit and connections required, you can then start using the xbee modules.

This Xbee Shield allows boards compatible with Arduino to communicate wirelessly with each other using Zigbee. This module works with all Xbee module including Zigbee Series 1, Zigbee Series 2 and also Xbee Pro versions. Whats great it also works with Bluetooth bee Modules.

Onboard slide switch lets you connect the xbee DIN and DOUT lines to the microcontrollers compatible with arduino or the USB Port. This means you can use your xBee to communicate with the Arduino or the computer. You can communicate with the computer to program the xbee modules using the XCTU software. Features: 

  • Shield lets you use the xbee modules with boards compatible with arduino without the need for any external components or connections
  • Greatly simplifies using xbee modules and offers plug and play interface
  • Any XBee module will work with the shield.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x xBEE Shield compatible with Arduino

xBEE Shield for Arduino Specifications

Power Ouput  3.3v and 5v
IO compatible  3.3v and 5v
USB USB 2.0 Protocol
Dimension  5 x 3cms
Weight 15 grams

1. What does an XBee shield do?

The XBee shield is an add-on board tailored to Arduino microcontrollers. Its primary purpose is to allow wireless communication between the Arduino and other devices via the XBee radio module. The shield accommodates the XBee module through a socket and conveniently exposes the essential Arduino pins for easy connectivity. As a result, the Arduino can seamlessly establish a wireless connection with other gadgets such as sensors, Arduinos, or a computer. Generally, the XBee shield is a popular component in projects requiring wireless communication and remote control.

2. What is the difference between Zigbee and XBee?

Zigbee and XBee are two distinct entities, although they share a connection.

Zigbee is a wireless communication protocol that utilizes low-power digital radio signals to establish connections between devices over small distances. Its primary purpose is to facilitate low data rates and conserve energy, making it particularly suitable for domains such as home automation, industrial control, and healthcare.

XBee, conversely, is a trademarked collection of wireless communication modules that utilize the Zigbee protocol. These modules are produced by Digi International and are extensively utilized in wireless sensor networks, industrial control systems, and other domains that necessitate dependable wireless communication.

3. How does XBee communicate?

The mode of communication adopted by XBee is the Zigbee protocol, which is a wireless communication protocol that uses low-power digital radio signals to connect devices situated in close proximity.

The XBee module is equipped with a radio transceiver that facilitates the transmission and reception of data wirelessly by employing the Zigbee protocol. Furthermore, the module communicates with other devices using a unique address, which enables it to establish a wireless connection with other devices that share the same address.

In the course of transmitting data, the XBee module dispatches a packet of information that encapsulates the destination address, source address, and the data payload. After that, the packet is transmitted wirelessly by utilizing the Zigbee protocol. In the event of receiving data, the XBee module monitors for incoming packets and leverages the destination address to decipher whether the packet is targeted towards it. If the packet is intended for the XBee module, it extracts the data payload and forwards it to the microcontroller or computer that is attached to it.