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Water Flow Sensor SEN-HZG1WA

Water Flow Sensor SEN-HZG1WA-Robocraze

Water Flow Sensor SEN-HZG1WA

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  • The flow range is 4~45 Liter/Min
  • The insulation resistance is >100MΩ
  • The withstand hydraulic pressure is ≤1.75 MPa
  • The electrical strength is AC500V, 50HZ
  • The Pulse duty cycle is 50%
  • The flow characteristic is F=5Q-3, F:HZ, Q:L/min, ±10%

Water Flow Sensor SEN-HZG1WA

The SEN-HZG1WA water flow sensor is a device that is used to measure the flow rate of water. It consists of a turbine-type rotor that is placed in the water stream, and as the water flows past the rotor, it causes the rotor to spin. The sensor measures the speed of the rotor and converts it to a flow rate. The sensor has a digital output, which means that it provides a digital signal that can be read by a microcontroller or other host device. The sensor is commonly used in applications such as irrigation systems, water treatment plants, and industrial process control. It is often preferred over other types of flow sensors because it is easy to install and has a low cost. The SEN-HZG1WA sensor is designed to be installed in a pipe with a diameter of 1 inch (25.4mm).
This water flow sensor is connected in line with the liquid whose flow rate has to be measured. There is a simple rotating wheel with a magnet and when the liquid flows the wheel is rotated and a hall effect sensor measures how many times the wheel is rotated and accordingly gives pulses. By counting the number of pulses you can easily calculate the flow rate as well as the amount of liquid dispensed.


  • When magnetic material is close to the sensor, its characteristics may vary.
  • In order to avoid particle debris, the sensor must be installed after a filter.
  • The flow sensor installation has to avoid strong vibration and shaking of the environment, so as not to affect the sensor's measurement accuracy.


  • Water industrial field.
  • Thermostatic water heater.
  • Water purifier.
  • Water dispenser.
  • Smart card equipment.
  • Coffee machine.

Package Includes:

  •  1 x Water Flow Sensor SEN-HZG1WA


Water quality requirement Drinking water health standards, 0~80℃
Voltage/electric current DC 4.5 ~ 18 Volt, ≤15mA
Output level Rated voltage DC 5 Volt, high level ≥4.5 Volt, low level ≤0.5 Volt
Cumulative flow conversion 1 Liter water=225 pulse ,accuracy: 10%