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Solenoid valve switch 12V DC 1/2 inch (Normally Closed)

Solenoid valve switch 12V DC 1/2 inch (Normally Closed)

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  • This is the Solenoid valve 12V
  • This is suitable for fluids like water, oil, air.
  • This prevents the dry burning and provide a steady flow
  • This is Precise and reliable.
  • This valve is Compact and convenient.
  • This is easily installed and serviced

12V DC 1/2 inch Solenoid valve switch 

12V DC 1/2 inch Solenoid Water Air Valve Switch (Normally Closed) –  controls the flow of fluid (liquid or air) and acts as a valve between high-pressure fluid! This liquid valve would make a great addition to your robotic gardening project. There are two ½” (Nominal NPT) outlets. Normally, the valve is closed. When a 12V DC supply is applied to the two terminals, the valve opens and water can push through.

The 12 volt solenoid valves works with the solenoid coil which operates electronically with DC 12 volt supply. As it is a normally closed assembly, it opens the flow of fluids as soon as it is powered ON and stops/blocks the flow when the supply voltage is removed.

Note:  While Connecting the Valve in the Flow pipeline, you need to mind the Input and Output directions of the valve. It will work only if you connect it in the right direction. (Hint: Inside the value, at one side you will find the filter this is the input side of the value).


  • Compact and convenient.
  • Easily installed and serviced Precise and reliable.
  • The installation direction can be arbitrary Angle
  • Pressure-regulating valve (steady flow valve) function similar to the water flow switch Not only can it provide a steady flow, but it also prevents the dry burning.
  • Suitable for fluids like water, oil, air


  • The 12V solenoid Valve can be used in Refrigeration systems to reverse the flow of refrigerants. This helps in cooling during summer and heating during winter.
  • Irrigation systems use solenoid valves with automatic control.
  • Dishwashers and washing machines use solenoid valves to control the flow of water.
  • Air conditioning systems use solenoid valves to control air pressure.
  • Solenoid valves are used in automatic locking systems for door locks.
  • Medical and dental equipment use solenoid valves to control the flow, direction, and pressure of the fluid.
  • Water tanks use solenoid valves to control the inflow or outflow of water, often in combination with a float switch.
  • Car washes to control the water and soap flow.
  • Industrial cleaning equipment.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Solenoid valve 12V


Model Name/Number 12V DC 1/2 Electric Solenoid Valve
Pressure 0.2 - 10 Bar
Coil Voltage 12 V DC
Control Direct-Operated
Automation Grade Automatic
Pipe Diameter 1/2 Inch
Current 500 mA
Weight (gm) 100
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 84 x 57mm (L x H)

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    1. What is solenoid valve 12V?

    • Solenoid valves are of the 2-way type used for the simple on/off control of water, air, petrol/gasoline or diesel fuels or gases such as butane or propane.

    2. How does a 12V solenoid work?

    • 12V solenoid valves are typically used for simple on/off control of gaseous or liquid media. A simple 2/2-way plastic solenoid valve (2-port, 2-position) controls medium flow or no flow when installed in a piping system. For a normally closed solenoid valve, when 12 volts is applied, the solenoid valve opens and allows flow. When 12 volts are removed from the solenoid valve, the valve automatically closes, preventing flow into the pipe.

    3. How many Amps does a 12V Solenoid draw?

    • A  Water Solenoid valve 12V DC coil opens and closes the valve in less than a second. It is designed for continuous operation, with a nominal power consumption of 5 watts and it draws 0.6 amps current.