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SKYRC PC1080 Dual Channel LiPo Battery Charger

SKYRC PC1080 Dual Channel LiPo Battery Charger

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  • Supports simultaneous charging of two packs of 6s LiPo batteries
  • Compatible with high voltage LiPo (LiHV) batteries
  • Offers three working modes: balance charge, storage, and charge
  • Adjustable charging current for customized charging preferences
  • Features a 2×16 LCD screen for easy monitoring
  • Displays real-time charging and discharging status
  • Includes a battery status meter for accurate battery information

SKYRC PC1080 Dual Channel LiPo Battery Charger

This is a  Dual Channel LiPo Battery charger for industrial drones with two charging channels. It's reliable, safe, and easy to use. It has useful features like a battery voltage meter, internal resistance meter, LiHV charging mode, and a time-saving synchronization mode.

The LiPo Battery charger can simultaneously balance charge two packs of 6-cell batteries. It's designed specifically for large battery packs. It also has a master-slave control mode that lets you synchronize multiple chargers when charging the same batteries. It uses an advanced 32-bit high-speed CPU from STMicroelectronics, which improves its processing capability by 20 times.

Key characteristics SkyRC PC1080 Charger:

  • High-Frequency Capacitor: Using high spec large capacitor ensures the charger can work properly for a longer period of time.
  • Active PFC: Active PFC uses circuitry to correct the amount of power drawn to obtain the best ratio of power factor, achieving high efficiency, 93%. Which makes the product more stable and reduces the interference to the power grid.
  • Switched-mode Power Supply: Accepts power from mains supplies throughout the world.
  • Conformal Coating: Conformal coating helps electronics withstanding harsh environments, and protects them against moisture, dust, chemicals, corrosive attack and temperature extremes etc. It also ensures PC1080 has stable performance in the field.
  • Automatically Charging 12 Packs of Batteries in Sequence: PC1080 pairing with G630 charging hubs, an automatic charging management system, can charge 12 packs of LiPo batteries in sequence, according to its remaining capacity (percentage), the one with the highest capacity will be charged first.
  • Dual Ball Bearing High-Speed Cooling Fans: Dual ball bearing high-speed cooling fans with wing type blades design, provides good ventilation and a cool working condition.
  • High-Density Fin-type Aluminum Heatsink: Fin-type design, large surface, greatly improved heat dissipation, ensures long-time stable working performance.
  • Maximized Safety Protection: It has short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection and over-temperature protection. And it complies with required regulations of CE, RoHS, FCC, proving to be safe and reliable for the designed usage.
  • Battery Internal Resistance Meter: With this function, the internal resistance of each cell will be displayed on the screen. Internal resistance is a key feature which reflects the health status of the battery, the lower internal resistance indicates the higher battery quality. Also, this value can help you pair your batteries.


  • ONE-KEY to start charging(20A Current in default)
  • Unique synchronization function, one can control multiple chargers.
  • With battery voltage detection, battery internal resistance detection, real-time understanding of battery working status.
  • Short circuit maintenance, reverse protection, over-temperature protection and other maintenance functions.
  • Built-in anti-fire protection circuit to avoid sparking when connecting battery.


  • Industrial drones: Suitable for charging large battery packs used in industrial drones.
  • Synchronization mode: Can synchronize multiple chargers when charging the same batteries, useful in scenarios where multiple batteries need to be charged simultaneously.
  • High-speed CPU: Utilizes an advanced 32-bit high-speed CPU for efficient processing, enhancing its capability by 20 times.
  • High-frequency capacitor: Incorporates a high-spec large capacitor for prolonged charger operation.
  • Active PFC: Employs active power factor correction for high efficiency (93%) and stable operation.
  • Switched-mode power supply: Accepts power from mains supplies worldwide, enhancing versatility.
  • Conformal coating: Protected against harsh environments, moisture, dust, and temperature extremes for stable performance.
  • Automatic charging management system: Can charge 12 packs of LiPo batteries in sequence based on remaining capacity.
  • Battery internal resistance meter: Displays internal resistance of each cell, aiding in assessing battery health and pairing batteries.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x SKYRC PC1080 6S Dual Channel 6S LiPo Battery Charger
  • 1 x AC Power cord
  • 1 x Synchronous data connectors
  • 1 x English Manual


Output Power

1080 W (540 W x 2)

Discharge Power

100 W (50 W x 2)

Charge Current

1.0-20.0 A x 2

Balance Current

1.2 A

Battery Type


Battery Cell Count

6S x 2

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1. What type of batteries does the SKYRC PC1080 charger support?

The SKYRC PC1080 charger is designed specifically for LiPo (Lithium Polymer) and LiHV (High Voltage Lithium Polymer) batteries.

2. Can the charger simultaneously charge two battery packs?

Yes, the PC1080 charger features dual channels, allowing it to simultaneously balance charge two packs of 6-cell batteries.

3. What charging modes does the PC1080 charger offer?

The charger offers three working modes: balance charge, storage, and charge, providing flexibility based on your charging preferences.

4. Does the PC1080 charger have a synchronization mode?

Yes, it features a unique synchronization function that allows one to control multiple chargers simultaneously, enhancing convenience for users managing multiple batteries.

5. What is the maximum charge current supported by the PC1080 charger?

The charger supports charge currents ranging from 1.0 to 20.0 amps per channel, providing flexibility for different battery charging requirements.