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Octal 3-State Buffer/Line Driver IC - 74HC244

Octal 3-State Buffer/Line Driver IC - 74HC244-Robocraze

Octal 3-State Buffer/Line Driver IC - 74HC244

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  • 3-STATE outputs drive bus lines directly 
  • PNP inputs reduce DC loading on bus lines 
  • Hysteresis at data inputs improves noise margins 
  • Typical IOL (sink current) 24 mA 
  • Typical IOH (source current) −15 mA 
  • Typical propagation delay times Inverting 10.5 ns Non-inverting 12 ns 
  • Typical enable/disable time 18 ns 
  • Typical power dissipation (enabled) Inverting 130 mW Non-inverting 135 mW 

Octal 3-State Buffer/Line Driver IC - 74HC244

The 74HC Series 74HC244 buffers/line drivers are designed to improve both the performance and PC board density of 3-STATE buffers/ drivers employed as memory address drivers, clock drivers, and bus-oriented transmitters/receivers. Featuring 400 mV of hysteresis at each low current PNP data line input, they provide improved noise rejection and high fan-out outputs and can be used to drive terminated lines down to 133Ω.


Pinout Of 74HC244 IC

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Supply Voltage (VCC) 7 V
Input Voltage (VI) 7 V
Operating free-air temperature range 0°C to +70°C 
Storage temperature range –65°C to +150°C


1.What is the function of 74HC244?

  • The 74HC244 is a buffer/line driver with three output states. The device can function as two 4-bit buffers or as a single 8-bit buffer. The device has two output enables (1OE and 2OE), each of which controls four of the three-state outputs. When nOE is HIGH, the outputs go into a high-impedance OFF state.

2.What does 74HC244 do?

  • The 74HC244 integrated circuit may drive terminated lines as low as 133. The 74HC244 octal buffers and line drivers are specifically designed to increase the performance and density of three-state memory address drivers, clock drivers, and bus-oriented receivers and transmitters.