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220V 5000W SCR Voltage Regulator

220V 5000W SCR Voltage Regulator

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  • The voltage regulator for electronic motor speed controllers needs an input voltage of AC 220V.
  • This voltage regulator is manufactured with high quality aluminium and grooves are provided for accelerated cooling.
  • The SCR voltage dimmers can produce a power upto 4000W.
  • It is important for users to keep in mind that load of the 220V voltage regulator does not exceed the maximum power in order to avoid damaging the components.
  • The 5000W 220V SCR Voltage Regulator Module can be connected to a lamp or home appliance or electric circuit, then through the keys Adjust the speed, brightness, voltage, temperature.

220V 5000W SCR Voltage Regulator

This voltage regulator is connected with AC 220V, the output is connected to the electric stove wire or motor appliances, then rotate the knob for speed, voltage, and temperature control. The 220V voltage regulator is needed to keep voltages within the prescribed range that can be tolerated by the electrical equipment using that voltage.

The SCR 220V voltage regulators are found in devices such as computer power supplies where they stabilize the DC voltages used by the processor and other elements. In automobile alternators and central power station generator plants, a voltage regulator dimmer controls the output of the plant.

A voltage regulator generates a fixed output voltage of a preset magnitude that remains constant regardless of changes to its input voltage or load conditions.

Note: Do not apply a load more than the maximum power in order to avoid burning of the electrical components. Use resistive load for efficient performance of the voltage regulator.

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  • High-temperature FR-4 PCB
  • 100% High quality and Brand new
  • Control the speed of a Brushed AC motor with this controller
  • High efficiency, high torque, low heat generating
  • Aluminum sheet cooling, rapid cooling
  • With reverse polarity protection, high current protection
  • High-temperature resistant FR – 4 circuit board.


  • Lamp dimmer
  • Motor speed control
  • Thermostat

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x 220V 5000W SCR Voltage Regulator



SCR Voltage Regulator

Supply Voltage 



5000 Watts

Dimension (approx.)




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1. How does an SCR voltage regulator work?

  • Regulators powered by AC power circuits can use silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) as the series device. Whenever the output voltage is below the desired value, the SCR is triggered, allowing electricity to flow into the load until the AC mains voltage passes through zero (ending the half-cycle).

2. Is an SCR a voltage regulator?

  • An SCR is a solid-state device that controls DC voltage. There is a control circuit involved that tells the SCR when to "trigger" allowing the DC to pass through it. TRIACS are used to control AC voltage

3. What is the purpose of a voltage regulator?

  • A voltage regulator in any electrical or electronic device is that which maintains the voltage of a power source within acceptable limits. The voltage regulator is required to keep voltages within the prescribed range that can be tolerated by the electrical equipment using that voltage.

4. How SCR is triggered?

  • To trigger an SCR, the voltage must be applied between the gate and cathode, positive to the gate and negative to the cathode. When testing an SCR, a momentary connection between the gate and anode is sufficient in polarity, intensity, and duration to trigger it.

5. Where is an SCR voltage regulator used?

  • SCR 220V voltage regulators are used in devices such as computer power supplies to stabilize the DC voltages used by the processor and other components. A voltage regulator dimmer controls the output of a plant in automobile alternators and central power station generator plants.