16x2 LCD (Blue)

16x2 LCD (Blue)
16x2 LCD (Blue)
16x2 LCD (Blue)
  • 16x2 LCD (Blue)
  • 16x2 LCD (Blue)
  • 16x2 LCD (Blue)

16x2 LCD (Blue)

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  • The connection port of the arduino LCD module is 0.1" pitch, single row for easy breadboarding and wiring.
  • Single LED backlight with a resistor included, you can power it directly from 5V.
  • A 16 x 2 character LCD display with white text on a vivid blue backlit LCD.
  • Standard Hitachi HD44780 compatable interface for easy connection to microcontrollers.

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16x2 LCD (Blue)

This is a great LCD module for different types of Arduino projects. If you want to display your results and see the output, the 16x2 LCD module is the perfect component for DIY Arduino projects. The values shown on the display can be either a simple text or numerical values read by the sensors, such as temperature or pressure.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 16x2 LCD module

Pinout Connections

Pin No Symbol Level Description
1 VSS 0V Ground
2 VDD 5V Supply Voltage for logic
3 VO (Variable) Operating voltage for LCD
4 RS H/L H: DATA, L: Instruction code
5 R/W H/L H: Read(MPU?Module) L: Write(MPU?Module)
6 E H,H->L Chip enable signal
7 DB0 H/L Data bus line
8 DB1 H/L Data bus line
9 DB2 H/L Data bus line
10 DB3 H/L Data bus line
11 DB4 H/L Data bus line
12 DB5 H/L Data bus line
13 DB6 H/L Data bus line
14 DB7 H/L Data bus line
15 A 5V LED +
16 K 0V LED-