12V Brushless DC Fan - 4010

12V Brushless DC Fan - 4010 - Robocraze

12V Brushless DC Fan - 4010

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  • Perfectly fit on the extruder and has very low noise.
  • Very low Current consumption
  • Easy to install and connect.
  • 2-pin Connector with long connecting wire

12V Brushless DC Fan - 4010

This 12V DC Brushless fan is very easy to use, it just needs to be powered up with a 12V power source. It has low current consumption and finds its application in a lot of projects like cooling Peltiers and heatsinks It is high-temperature resistant and extremely durable. Excellent for cooling heat sinks on hot ends, prints, or other cooling needs.

Increased ventilation to keep the electronics components cool and performing at high efficiency. It can be used to maintain the temperature of the extruder in 3d printers. Bearing is high precision, long life, and low noise. Excellent for cooling heat sinks on hot ends, prints, or other cooling needs


  • Used for cooling Peltiers and for heatsinks.
  • Used in maintaining the temperature of the extruder in 3d printers

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 12V Brushless DC Fan - 4010


Operating Voltage

12V DC

Operating Current

0.15 Amp±10%

Rated speed




Cable Length

50 cm





Dimensions in mm (LxWxH)


Net weight

15g (Approx)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a DC brushless fan?

  • The 12V DCfan is very simple to use; all it requires is a 12V power source. It has a low current consumption and is used in a variety of projects such as cooling peltiers and heatsinks. It is resistant to high temperatures and extremely long-lasting. Ideal for cooling heat sinks on hot ends, prints, and other cooling requirements.

2. Are DC brushless fans good?

  • The DC fans are durable, reliable, and highly energy efficient. They do not produce sparks in the circuit and operate noiselessly. The initial torque produced in DC motors is quite high, and hence, brushless DC fans reach their full potential in no time.

3. Are DC fans better than AC?

  • DC fans are widely considered to be the most energy-efficient. They use a fraction of the energy that AC fans do. DC fans, in fact, use up to 70% less energy to produce the same amount of output as traditional AC fans. This means a 25-watt DC fan produces the same results as a 100-watt AC fan.

4. How can I make my DC fan spin faster?

  • The fan is rated to accept a certain amount of power, and so giving it more power would just destroy the fan; therefore, the only other way to make the fan spin faster is to upgrade the internals of the fan, more specifically, the motor