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1000RPM 12V DC Motor

1000RPM 12V DC Motor-Robocraze
1000RPM 12V DC Motor-Robocraze
1000RPM 12V DC Motor-Robocraze
  • 1000RPM 12V DC Motor-Robocraze
  • 1000RPM 12V DC Motor-Robocraze
  • 1000RPM 12V DC Motor-Robocraze
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1000RPM 12V DC Motor

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  • This is the 1000 RPM 12V DC Motor
  • These are simple DC motors featuring gears
  • The metal gears have better wear and tear properties.
  • The gearbox is sealed and lubricated with lithium grease and requires no maintenance.
  • The motor runs smoothly from 4V to 12V and gives a wide range of RPM, and torque.
  • The shaft has a hole for better coupling.

1000RPM 12V DC Motor

This is the 1000RPM 12V DC Motor, these motors are simple DC Motors featuring gears for the shaft for obtaining the optimal performance characteristics. They are known as Center Shaft DC Geared Motors because their shaft extends through the centre of their gearbox assembly.

These standard size DC gear Motors are very easy to use. Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to control motors with an Arduino or compatible board. TheL298N H-bridge module with onboard voltage regulator motor driver can be used with this motor that has a voltage of between 5 and 35V DC.

This DC Motor of 12V 1000 RPM can be used in all-terrain robots and a variety of robotic applications. These motors have a 3 mm threaded drill hole in the middle of the shaft thus making it simple to connect it to the wheels or any other mechanical assembly.

Nut and threads on the shaft to easily connect and internally threaded shaft for easily connecting it to the wheels. These DC Geared motors with robust metal/Plastic gearbox for heavy-duty applications, and ideally suited for robotics and industrial applications.


  • Toy cars
  • Windmill projects
  • Basic Electronics projects

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 1000RPM 12V DC Motor


Speed 1000 RPM
Voltage 12V
Torque 0.3 kg-cm 
Phase Single Phase
Shaft Diameter 6mm
Weight 125gm
Frequency 50/60Hz

1. Can I connect DC motor directly to battery?

  • Yes, the most common type of motor is a DC motor (Direct Current motor). Normally, DC motors have only two leads, one positive and one negative. The motor will rotate if you connect these two leads directly to a battery. If the leads are reversed, the motor will rotate in the opposite direction.

2. What is a DC motor and how does it work?

  • A DC motor is a type of electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Direct current motors use direct current to convert electrical power into mechanical rotation.

3. What is a DC motor used for?

  • Small direct current motors are found in tools, toys, and appliances. The universal motor is a lightweight brushed motor that can operate on direct current and is used for portable power tools and appliances. Larger DC motors are now used in electric vehicle propulsion, elevators, hoists, and steel rolling mill drives.

4. What is the difference between AC motor and DC motor?

  • In alternating current(AC) motors, the armature remains stationary while the magnetic field rotates. The armature rotates in DC motors while the magnetic field remains stationary. Three input terminals (RYB) are present in AC motors. DC motors have two input terminals (positive and negative).

5. Can a DC motor run on AC?

  • Yes, the DC series motor is powered by a single-phase alternating current supply. This is because the torque, which varies as a function of the armature and field current, is always positive. As a result, a positive average torque causes the motor to spin.

6. What is the rpm of 12V DC motor?

  • The 12V DC motors are simple DC motors with shaft gears to achieve the best performance characteristics. Center Shaft DC Geared Motors is so named because its shaft runs through the center of the gearbox assembly. This 12V DC Motor has an RPM of 1000.

7. What is the torque of a 1000 rpm DC motor?

  • The RPM and torque of the motor will vary depending on the gearbox design. This motor has an RPM of 1000 and a torque of 0.3 kg-cm.

8. What is the price of a 12V DC motor?

  • The cost of a DC electric motor varies according to its type, phase, application, brand, and so on. You can buy the 12V 1000RPM Dc Motor from Robocraze at the best price of Rs.158/- only.