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A BO motor is a type of electric motor that is powered by a rechargeable battery. These are commonly used in portable devices and vehicles, as they offer the convenience of cordless operation.

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BO motor or Battery Operated motor is a rechargeable electric motor powered by a battery that provides mobility and portability. These DC geared motors are lightweight and can deliver high torque and rpm at low voltages, making them ideal for cordless devices and vehicles. BO motors are frequently used in DIY projects, such as robotics, Arduino, Raspberry-Pi, and other electrical and electronic projects.


Bo Motors offer a powerful range of Brushless DC motors that are suitable for various robotic projects. Bo Motor brushless motors have the ability to achieve high torque and RPM, ensuring smooth operation even in extreme conditions. The motor design also maximizes efficiency while reducing power loss, which further adds to its excellent performance capabilities. With an integrated encoder providing precise feedback on current position or speed at all times; this ensures accuracy whether remote controlling your robot or running autonomous programs without losing control over precision movements of actuators like arms etc.. Additionally robust construction allows these components to thrive through tough environments making them reliable even in hazardous situations when accuracy is critical. All-in-all Bo Motor offers a durable yet efficient solution for robotics enthusiasts as well as commercial application developers seeking top quality motor systems with unparalleled performance delivery at competitive prices - delivered promptly no matter where you are located!



BO motor is available in different torque and RPM ratings and can run at around 150-200 RPM when driven by a single Li-Ion cell. These motors are perfect for creating battery-operated lightweight robots and can absorb shock and vibration due to their elastic compliance. BO motors possess inherent lubricity and can operate with minimal or no lubrication.


BO motor can be used in a variety of applications, including science projects, IoT, robotics, embedded systems, training, experiments, engineering projects, and more. They come in single and dual shaft configurations and require additional components such as switches, batteries, wires, glue guns, and soldering tools to use in various projects.


BO Motors Prices in India

The cost of BO Motors depends primarily on the capacity, power and speed of the motors. It depends on the purpose of the usage of motors.


BO Motors


60 RPM L Shaped Single Shaft BO Motor


Single Shaft L-Shaped 60 RPM BO Motor with Wheel - (4 sets)

Rs. 293/-

100 RPM Dual Shaft BO Motor-Straight

Rs. 59/-


Rs. 61/-

300 RPM Dual Shaft BO Motor-Straight

Rs. 54/-

300 RPM Single Shaft BO Motor

Rs. 72/-

150 RPM Single Shaft BO Motor

Rs. 63/-


1.What is a BO motor?

BO or (Battery Operated) motor is a hobbyist grade DC motor used in small projects. It consists of small micro metal DC motor with gears to increase torque

2.How to select a BO motor?

BO motors are generally available in a couple of variations.. Right angled and straight angled design. The choice of design will depend on how the motor is attached to your project and which configuration would be beneficial to the end user


3.Is Bo motor and DC motor same?

BO motors have lower speeds than standard DC motors because of the gearing within the assembly. Although both may be using the same motor, the torque developed in a BO motor is much higher than in a normal DC motor due to the gear sets.

4.What is a dual shaft BO motor?

Dual shaft BO motor contains two shafts on either side giving you the capability to mount two different gears/wheels. It is useful in cases where the motors are positioned at the center of the product and needs to control two mechanisms on either side


5.How is a dual shaft BO motor different from a single shaft BO motor?

Dual shaft BO motor have two shafts on either sides to mount wheels/gears while a single shaft motor has only one shaft to mount wheels/gear


6.What are the applications of a BO motor?

BO Motors are called Battery Operated motors. Hence it is used in many DIY Robotic applications that run on batteries. It can run on a 6v-9v battery. If you are using more than 1 motor in your project then you can use it with a 12V Battery also. BO motors are used in hobby grade projects where the user requires a small DC motor as a simple actuator. But make sure the BO motor has enough torque for its intended application.


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