3d printer bearings

3D printer bearings are crucial components that help the moving parts of a 3D printer function smoothly. Without proper functioning bearings, a 3D printer may have issues with accuracy and precision.

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SC16UU Linear Bearing (16 mm)

Rs. 216

LM8UU 8 MM Linear Motion Bearing for 3D Printer

Rs. 99

SCS12UU 12mm Slide Unit Block Bearing

Rs. 180

SC8UU Linear Bearing (6 mm)

Rs. 142

SC8LUU Linear Bearing Bushing for 8mm Shafts CNC Router Mill Linear Stage

Rs. 253

SCS10UU 10mm Slide Unit Block Bearing

Rs. 180

SC12UU Linear Bearing (6 mm)

Rs. 167



1. What bearings are used in 3D prints?

Bearing are of many types. Some commonly used bearing in 3D printer are Linear Bearing, Linear Motion bearing, Flanged Shielded Ball bearing, Idler bearing etc. Deep-Groove Ball Bearings most commonly used in 3D printer.

2. Can bearings be 3D printed?

Yes, bearing can be made using 3D printer. Although, efficiency of the bearing will not be as good as the metal bearing. 


3. How do you make a 3D print bearing?

A bearing is defined as a mechanical part that limits relative motion to a desired motion in the same axis and reduces friction between moving parts. 3D printing can produce complex shapes that are difficult to replicate using traditional methods. The moving components of standard-sized bearings are often small compared to the resolution of 3D printers, making them difficult to manufacture accurately.


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