Soldering Lead (500g)

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  • Solder is a fusible metal alloy used to join together metal workpieces and having a melting point below that of the workpiece.
  • Widely used in electrical and electronics, solder parts like a circuit board, electronics devices, and others.
  • With the solder wire reel, soldering can be accomplished quickly.

Solder Wire (500gm)

These solder wires are manufactured from high-quality Lead Solder Wire. This solder wire has good solderability, insulation resistance, No spattering and non-corrosive.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Solder Wire 


Composition 60/40 Tin/Lead
Wire Diameter (mm) 1
SWG 22
Dimensions  5 x 4 x 3cms 
Weight 500 grams