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Raspberry Pi4 8GB Model B Ultimate Kit- Case, Power Adapter, Heatsink, HDMI Cable, Ethernet Cable, 32 GB SD Card, Sensors and Manual

Raspberry Pi4 8GB Model B Ultimate Kit- Case, Power Adapter, Heatsink, HDMI Cable, Ethernet Cable, 32 GB SD Card, Sensors and Manual

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  • The ultimate Raspberry Pi 4 kit will help beginners get started with the latest Raspberry Pi 4 model.
  • Robocraze has curated this Raspberry Pi 4 Model B kit keeping in mind all the necessary basic components that are highly essential for Raspberry Pi.
  • Robocraze is the authorized sellers of all Raspberry Pi products and buy the Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Ultimate Kit exclusively in India at best prices.

Raspberry Pi4 8GB Model B Ultimate Kit

Discover the endless possibilities of the Raspberry Pi4 8GB Ultimate Kit. This comprehensive kit includes all the essential components you need to kickstart your DIY projects. From the powerful Raspberry Pi4 8GB board to the fan-cooled metal case, every element is carefully chosen to empower your innovations.

Unparalleled Performance with Raspberry Pi4 8GB

Experience unmatched processing power with the Raspberry Pi4 8GB board. Featuring 8GB of RAM, this tiny computer can handle resource-intensive tasks with ease. Whether you're into gaming, coding, or media streaming, the Pi4 8GB will elevate your project's performance to new heights.

The included heatsink and fan combination ensure that your Pi4 remains cool even during demanding tasks. Say goodbye to overheating issues, and enjoy smooth and uninterrupted project sessions.

The Raspberry pi kit includes an array of essential cables, including an HDMI cable and Ethernet cable, to keep your Pi4 connected to peripherals and networks. No more struggling with complex setups - just plug and play.

Rasberry Pi4 8GB Model B Pinout:

Rasberry Pi4 8GB Model B Pinout

Top 10 Raspberry Pi Project Ideas 2024 (From Beginner to Advanced)

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Note: Weight of the Package: 500 grams (approx) and Dimensions (approx): 22 x 15 x 5cms

Ultimate Raspberry Pi 8GB Kit includes:

Raspberry Pi4 8GB

x 1 

Raspberry Pi 4  case 

x 1 


x 1 

HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable

x 1 

32 GB Class-10 SD Card

x 1 

Ethernet Cable 

x 1 

Proximity IR Sensor

x 1 

Buzzer Module

x 1 

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Software & OS

  • Beginners should start with the NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) operating system installation manager, which gives the user a choice of the operating system from the standard distributions.
  • SD cards with NOOBS pre-installed should be available from any of the global distributors and resellers of Raspberry Pi. Alternatively, you can download NOOBS.
  • Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian) is the recommended operating system for normal use on a Raspberry Pi.

Links you may find Useful:

1. Can Raspberry Pi 4 replace laptop?

  • For simple tasks like document editing and studying Linux, the Raspberry Pi 4 can take the place of a laptop. But since it performs like a cheap smartphone, it's not good for labor-intensive applications like video editing or gaming. It is a reasonably priced solution if your needs are straightforward.

2. Is Raspberry Pi a Linux?

  • Yes, there is a strong connection between Linux and Raspberry Pi. It usually operates on different Linux distributions, with the open-source Pi OS serving as its primary supported operating system. A large portion of the Raspberry Pi Foundation's software is made available as open source, and it actively contributes to other open source projects like the Linux kernel.

3. What is the shipping and return policy for the Raspberry Pi4 8GB Ultimate Kit?

  • Orders confirmed by 3 p.m. Indian Standard Time are dispatched the same day, and delivery timeframes vary according to the area. For non-functional or damaged products, returns are accepted within 7 days of delivery; refunds are granted 3–4 working days after inspection and acceptance.

4. Can I customize the Raspberry Pi4 8GB Ultimate Kit with additional components?

  • Absolutely, you can add extra parts to your kit to suit the needs of your project. Please look through our selection of suitable modules and accessories to make the most out of your Raspberry Pi experience.

5. What operating systems are compatible with the Raspberry Pi4 8GB board?

  • Many operating systems, including as Raspbian, Ubuntu, and other Linux versions, are compatible with the Raspberry Pi4 8GB board. You can also look at other operating systems and projects that the Raspberry Pi community has to offer.

6. Does the Raspberry Pi4 8GB Ultimate Kit come with any pre-installed software?

  • The package comes with a 32 GB Class-10 SD Card that could have NOOBS or Raspbian OS preinstalled on it. However, customers are free to install the software of their choice, and certain software settings might vary.

7. Can I use the Raspberry Pi4 8GB for educational purposes?

  • Of course! In educational institutions, the Raspberry Pi4 8GB is frequently used to teach STEM disciplines including electronics, programming, and programming. Its adaptability, low cost, and community backing make it the perfect instrument for education and research both inside and outside of the classroom.