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100RPM 12V DC Motor

100RPM 12V DC Motor

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  • This is the 100 RPM 12V DC Motor
  • These are simple DC motors featuring gears
  • The metal gears have better wear and tear properties.
  • The gearbox is sealed and lubricated with lithium grease and requires no maintenance.
  • The motor runs smoothly from 4V to 12V and gives a wide range of RPM, and torque.
  • The shaft has a hole for better coupling.

100RPM 12V DC Motor

This is the 100RPM 12V DC Motor, these motors are simple DC Motors featuring gears for the shaft for obtaining the optimal performance characteristics. They are known as Center Shaft DC Geared Motors because their shaft extends through the centre of their gearbox assembly.

These standard size DC Motors are very easy to use. Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to control motors with an Arduino or compatible board. TheL298N H-bridge module with onboard voltage regulator motor driver can be used with this motor that has a voltage of between 5 and 35V DC.

This DC Motor – 100RPM – 12Volts can be used in all-terrain robots and a variety of robotic applications. These motors have a 3 mm threaded drill hole in the middle of the shaft thus making it simple to connect it to the wheels or any other mechanical assembly.

Nut and threads on the shaft to easily connect and internally threaded shaft for easily connecting it to the wheels. These DC Geared motors with robust metal/Plastic gearbox for heavy-duty applications, and ideally suited for robotics and industrial applications.

Also check our dc gear motor collection, designed to elevate your robotics and DIY projects. From versatile 100RPM to high-torque 600 RPM options.


  • Toy cars
  • Windmill projects
  • Basic Electronics projects

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 100RPM 12V DC Motor


Speed 100 RPM
Voltage 12V
Torque 2.9 kg-cm 
Phase Single Phase
Shaft Diameter 6mm
Weight 125gm
Frequency 50/60Hz

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1. What is the rpm of 12V DC motor?

  • The 12V DC motors are simple DC motors with shaft gears to achieve the best performance characteristics. Center Shaft DC Geared Motors is so named because its shaft runs through the center of the gearbox assembly. This 12V DC Motor has an RPM of 100.

2. What is the torque of a 100 rpm DC motor?

  • The torque of a DC motor is a measure of the rotational force that the motor can produce. It is typically measured in units of Newton-meters (Nm) or ounce-inches (oz-in). The torque of a DC motor is affected by a number of factors, including the size of the motor, the type of construction, and the operating conditions. The RPM and torque of the motor will vary depending on the gearbox design. This motor has an RPM of 100 and a torque of 2.9 kg-cm

3.What is the cost of 12volt DC motor?

  • The cost of a 12V DC motor can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the size of the motor, the type of construction, the manufacturer, and the quantity being purchased. In general, 12V DC motors are relatively inexpensive components, and they can typically be purchased for a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending on the specific characteristics of the motor. You can purchase the 12V DC Motor at robocraze for 144-195Rs/-.

4.What does a 12V DC motor mean?

  • A 12V DC motor is an electric motor that is designed to operate on a direct current (DC) voltage of 12V. DC motors are commonly used in a variety of applications, such as powering small appliances, driving pumps and fans, and operating other types of mechanical equipment. DC motors work by using the interaction between a magnetic field and an electric current to produce rotational force, or torque. The direction of the torque can be controlled by reversing the direction of the current flowing through the motor. DC motors are typically classified based on their type of construction, such as brushed or brushless, and their operating characteristics, such as their speed and torque.

5.Can a 12V motor produce electricity?

  • A 12V motor is not typically designed to produce electricity. Instead, it is designed to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, or rotational force. When a 12V motor is supplied with electrical power, it uses the energy from the electrical current to produce torque, or rotational force, which can be used to power mechanical devices or equipment. To produce electricity, a device called a generator is typically used. Generators work by using the mechanical energy from a spinning rotor to produce an electrical current. The rotor is typically driven by an external source of mechanical energy, such as a gasoline engine or a steam turbine.

6.Will a 24V motor run on 12V?

  • It is generally not recommended to operate a 24V motor on a 12V power source. This is because the voltage rating of a motor is an important factor that determines its operating characteristics and operating a motor at a voltage that is lower than its rated value can result in damage to the motor or other components in the circuit. In general, a 24V motor is designed to operate at a voltage of 24V or higher and attempting to run it on a 12V power source may result in reduced performance, shortened lifespan, or even damage to the motor.