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Vero board (3x4 Inch)

Vero board (3x4 Inch)

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  • Great for building a prototype of an electronic circuit, single side copper PCB.
  • Referencing numbers printed on four sides for easy reference of individual holes.

Vero board (3x4 Inch)

Veroboard is a brand of stripboard, a pre-formed circuit board material of copper strips on an insulating bonded paper board which was originated and developed in the early 1960s.

VeroBoard is a new type of surface mount technology(SMT) and integrated circuit (IC) prototyping platform. A new tooling technique and advanced manufacturing process, VeroBoard can be a great alternative to traditional prototyping boards. VeroBoard is the smallest lead-free surface mount technology platform in the world. VeroBoard is the best zero PCB board and is widely applied in the fields of PCB Designing. The Zero pcb board price varies based on its size. One can buy the Vero Board from Robocraze at a very Low Price. 

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  • Pre-formed circuit board for electronic prototyping
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and integrated circuit (IC) prototyping platform
  • Advanced manufacturing process for lead-free technology
  • Single side copper PCB
  • Referencing numbers printed on four sides for easy reference of individual holes


  • Electronic circuit prototyping
  • Development of surface mount technology (SMT) projects
  • Integrated circuit (IC) prototyping
  • DIY electronics projects
  • Creating custom electronic modules
  • Testing and validating circuit designs before PCB fabrication
  • Rapid prototyping for small-scale electronic projects

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Vero board (3x4 Inch)


Board Type  Vero Board 
Dimensions  10 x 8 cms 
Weight  5 grams

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1. What is Vero board used for?

The prototype plate is thick and single sided. Single Sided PCB Prototype Stripboard is very convenient and easy to solder components and sensors. Suitable for soldering and welding LED diodes, ICs, connectors, resistors, sensors, transistors, etc.

2. What is the difference between bread board and Vero board?

Difference Between Bread Board and Vero Board:

Bread Board

Vero Board

Breadboards are used for temporary circuit connections.  Vero Board are mostly used to make permanent circuit connection
Breadboards are for testingVero boards are for implementing 
In breadboard the the rails on top or bottom of your bread board can be used for grounding without additional linkingIn Vero board we can designate a row of holes as ground and link them all together
Breadboard is highly recommended for beginners Working on Vero board require some experience and skills. Beginners can work on it under guidance of experienced person.
Breadboards are easy and fast to assemble as there are no permanent solder connections.Working on Veroboards can be comparatively time consuming than breadboard.
Breadboards have comparably poor current carrying capacity than Vero boardPCB Boards has a better current carrying capacity
Breadboards are expensive compared to Vero boardVero boards are cheaper than breadboard

3. What is Parallel Vero board?

Parallel Vero board features a regular 0.1 inch width of width, with wide parallel stripes of copper plating running in one direction down one side of the board. The 0.1 inch (2.54mm) pitch allows sockets for ICs. Components are usually placed on the smooth side of the board with leads protruding through the holes.

4. What is another name for vero board?

Vero board, also known as stripboard, is a common electronics prototyping material with parallel copper strips on one side of an insulating board.

5. What are the advantages of veroboard?

Veroboards are cost-effective, easy to modify, and versatile for quick changes. They adapt to local component availability, handle various voltages, and fit into small enclosures. Widely available globally, they are not suitable for final products, high-vibration areas, or high-voltage applications – ideal for smaller circuits.