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3 in 1 Black Aluminum Heat Sink for Raspberry Pi 4B

3 in 1 Black Aluminum Heat Sink for Raspberry Pi 4B

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  • These are 3 in 1 Black Aluminum Heat Sink for Raspberry Pi 4B
  • The heat sinks have short profiles that are enough to fit within standard Raspberry Pi cases.
  • The aluminium heatsinks work well to dissipate excess heat.
  • These are easy to apply and come with self-adhesive.
  • They include one large and two small heat sinks. Easy to apply heatsinks for a Raspberry Pi board

3 in 1 Black Aluminum Heat Sink for Raspberry Pi 4B

The Aluminium Heat sink for Raspberry Pi is an aluminum heat sink kit that is used for cooling the chips microprocessor. The heat sink is attached with thermally conductive adhesive tape that helps in efficiently cooling the Pi.

A heat sink for Raspberry Pi is designed to maximize its surface area in contact with the cooling medium surrounding it, such as the air. A heat sink transfers thermal energy from a higher temperature device to a lower temperature fluid medium. The fluid medium is frequently air, but can also be water, refrigerants or oil. If the fluid medium is water, the heat sink is frequently called a cold plate. When the air flow through the heat sink decreases, this results in an increase in the average air temperature. This in turn increases the heat sink base temperature. And additionally, the thermal resistance of the heat sink will also increase. The net result is a higher heat sink base temperature.

Installation Method

All you need to do is remove the heatsink protection and stick and place it on the raspberry pi. The heat sink has an adhesive film on the back that is easy to mount on the BGA chip by pressing it gently. The heatsink will stick to the BGA chip and cool it.

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Package Includes:

  • 3 x Raspberry Pi 4B Heatsinks

Heatsink Specifications

Material  Aluminium 
Colour  Black 
Compatibility  Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
Package Dimensions  5 x 4 x 3
Weight  25 grams

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1. Which is the best aluminum or stainless steel heatsinks?

  • Stainless steel is one of the worst conductors of electricity, whereas aluminum is an excellent electrical conductor. Likewise, when it comes to heat, aluminum is a better conductor. Aluminium heatsinks provide good conductivity and are lightweight.

2. What are aluminum heatsinks used for?

  • The aluminum heat sink is a passive heat exchanger that transfers heat generated by an electronic or mechanical device, allowing optimal temperature regulation of the device. The aluminium heatsink can be used in cooling Raspberry Pi IC, In 3d printer's modules etc.

3. How to install the aluminum heatsink to Raspberry Pi?

  • To use a aluminium heat sink simply remove the heatsink protection and place it on the raspberry pi. The heat sink has an adhesive film on the back that allows it to be easily mounted on the chip by gently pressing it in place. The heatsink will stick to the chip and keep it cool.