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Raspberry Pi accessories help you extend its capabilities and make your projects even cooler, Some popular options include camera modules, touchscreens, and HATs

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Buy Raspberry Pi Accessories Online in India

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Raspberry Pi Accessories Prices in India

Raspberry Pi Accessories


Raspberry Pi USB2.0 Mini Microphone


DS3231 RTC Module


USB Microphone for Raspberry Pi


Robocraze Lamp for Raspberry Pi 3 Camera


5V 0.2A Raspberry Pi Cooling Fan


Raspberry Pi Aluminium Heat Sink


Raspberry Pi Mini Fan


















What is each Raspberry Pi Accessory used for?

Raspberry Pi accessories are used to support and broaden the functionalities of a Pi.

USB cables: Raspberry Pi has upto 4 USB ports that can be used to power up the Raspberry Pi with the help of an adapter. It can be directly connected to the Laptop as well. 

Camera module: Raspberry Pi Models can also be connected to a camera module or webcam. It can be launched and used to click high quality pictures.

Sense HAT: The Sense HAT has an 8×8 RGB LED matrix, a five-button joystick and includes the following sensors: Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Temperature, Barometric pressure and Humidity. If you are interested in recording both positioning and environmental data, the Sense HAT is a famous choice. Containing many sensor ICs, the Sense HAT can record orientation, acceleration, pressure, humidity, and temperature. The whole board can easily be programmed using Python, thanks to the AstroPi libraries.

SD card: Raspberry Pi can be equipped with an SD card that can act as a Hard Drive for a tiny computer.


How do I connect Raspberry Pi Accessories?

Different Raspberry Pi accessories have different cables and ports. Some of them can be directly connected to the Pi while others may need to be connected via USB ports, shield, blue tooth or HDMI port.


Where to buy raspberry pi accessories?

Raspberry Pi boards are available on plenty of online stores like Robocraze. You can choose the model and select the required accessories from the comfort of your home. Raspberry Pi kits are also available in online stores which include all essential components for you to get started.


What are the Raspberry Pi Accessories I need for my robotics project?

For a Robotics project, to get the optimized performance and application from a Raspberry Pi you can use the following accessories:
USB cables
Camera module
Sense HAT
Motor drivers
SD card

AD acquisition chip
Heat Sinks
Cooling Fan


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