Re-Activating your Robocraze Account

Re-Activating your Robocraze Account

We have recently migrated the Robocraze website to a new platform to bring a better experience to our customers. All the accounts have been migrated, however, for security purposes passwords do not get migrated. All customers need to reactivate their accounts and set a new password to log in to their respective accounts.

If you encounter the following error when trying to log in from your account, please follow the steps given below to reactivate your account.


Img. 1. If you see this error, you may need to reactivate your account


Steps to activate your account:

  1. Leave a message on the website chat asking for your account to be activated. Do provide your email ID along with your message.
  2. The customer support team will generate and send an activation email to the email ID provided.
  3. Open your email and find the activation email. Make sure to check all folders and spam as well.
  4. Click on the “Activate your account” button in the email (also shown in the screenshot below).
Img. 2. Reactivation email sent by Robocraze. Click on Activate your account.


  1. A web page will open prompting you to set a new password. Enter in your new password and click “Activate Account”.
Img. 3. Set a new password and click “Activate Account”


  1. Open and try logging in with your email and the new password.





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