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Triple 3-Input NAND Gate IC - CD4023

Triple 3-Input NAND Gate IC - CD4023-Robocraze

Triple 3-Input NAND Gate IC - CD4023

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  • Propagation delay time = 60 ns (typ.) at CL = 50 pF, VDD = 10 V
  • Buffered inputs and outputs
  • Standardized symmetrical output characteristics
  • Maximum input current of 1 µA at 18 V over-full package temperature range; 100 nA at 18 V and 25°C
  • 100% tested for quiescent current at 20 V
  • 5-V, 10-V, and 15-V parametric ratings
  • Noise margin (over full package temperature range:
        1 V at VDD = 5 V
        2 V at VDD = 10 V
        2.5 at VDD = 15 V
  • Meets all requirements of JEDEC Tentative Standard No. 13B, "Standard Specifications for Description of "B" Series CMOS Devices".

Triple 3-Input NAND Gate IC - CD4023

The Triple 3-Input CD4023 IC belongs to the CD4000 IC series. It consists of three NAND gates with 3 inputs and 1 unified output. The CD4x Series CD4023 is constructed by using the complementary MOS (CMOS) technology, integrated with p-type and n-type enhancement mode transistors. The IC also has buffered outputs which improve transfer characteristics by providing very high gain.

All inputs are protected against static discharge with diodes to VDD and VSS. The IC offers a wide variety of working conditions, and a wide range of operating voltages, and directly interfaces with other TTL, CMOS, and NMOS devices. CD4023 always comes in a 14–pin hermetically sealed dual inline package (DIP). The IC also offers many additional features such as high noise immunity and ESD barring.


Pinout of CD4023 IC
Pin Name Pin # Type Description
VDD 14 Power Supply Voltage (+3 to +15V)
GND 7 Power Ground (0V)
A1 to A3 1, 3, 11 Input Inputs A of the three NAND gates
B1 to B3 2, 4, 12 Input Inputs B of the three NAND gates
C1 to C3 8, 5, 13 Input Inputs C of the three NAND gates
Q1 to Q3 9, 6, 10 Output Outputs from the three NAND gates


  • Burglar alarm
  • Freezer warning buzzer
  • A light-activated burglar alarm
  • A push-button lock

Package Includes:

  • 1 x IC - CD4023


Part number CD4023B
Technology Family CD4000
VCC (Min) (V) 3
VCC (Max) (V) 18
Channels (#) 4
Inputs per channel 2
IOL (Max) (mA) 1.5
IOH (Max) (mA) -1.5
Input type Standard CMOS
Output type Push-Pull
Features Standard Speed (tpd > 50ns)
Rating See Data Sheet
Data rate (Max) (Mbps) 8
Operating temperature range (C) -55 to 125
Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG) 14PDIP: 181 mm2: 9.4 x 19.3 (PDIP|14)
Package Group PDIP|14