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Soldron Bit-Tip Tinner And Cleaner

Soldron Bit-Tip Tinner And Cleaner-Robocraze

Soldron Bit-Tip Tinner And Cleaner

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Soldron Bit-Tip Tinner And Cleaner

A revolutionary product Soldron Bit-Tip Tinner And Cleaner available for the first time in India only from Soldron, this product is ideal to re-tin your de-tinned Soldron bits for a much longer life and efficient use. It is also an excellent cleaner for your Soldron bit-tip.

How to tin-coat the bit with tip tinner:

  1. While the Soldering Iron is off and while it is room temperature and safe to touch, ensure the bit is securely, and firmly attached to the element of the soldering iron,
  2. Keep ready a tip tinner to tin the bit with,
  3. Switch the Soldering Iron on,
  4. While the iron is heating dip the tip of the soldering iron (bit) into the tip tinner bottle,
  5. Make sure you see the tip tinner melting and adhering on to the tip making it shiny again.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x  Soldron Bit-Tip Tinner And Cleaner


Brand  Soldron
Weight 35gm