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OWON SPE3102 30V 10A Programmable DC Power Supply

OWON SPE3102 30V 10A Programmable DC Power Supply

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  • Ultra-thin body, portable and easy to use
  • 300W constant power design, wide application range
  • Over voltage/over current protection
  • Power-on automatic output setting function, suitable for unattended occasions
  • Intelligent temperature control fan cooling, reduce noise
  • 4 Groups of Memory shortcut parameters for quick output
  • USB Device communication port, support SCPI
  • Constant voltage CV/constant current CC mode, effectively protect the circuit
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OWON SPE3102 30V 10A Programmable Lab DC Power Supply

 The Owon SPE3102 is a very compact single channel DC benchtop power supply with all the regular features such as over voltage (OVP) and over current protection (OCP). It has a high resolution at 10mV/1mA. The display is a high resolution 2.8" LCD which displays set, limit and momentary parameters. The SPE 3102allows you to monitor the voltage and current in real-time, using graphs on the display. You can store and edit up to 4 groups of output waveforms. The power supply can be hooked up to a host PC with USB and communicate via SCPI. It makes for a great, simple, slim form factor power supply with plenty of power for beginners.

The following steps check basic current functions with a short across the power supply's output: 

  1. Connect a short across (+) and (-) output terminals with an insulated test lead on this channel. Use a wire size sufficient to handle the maximum current.
  2. Set the output voltage to the maximum rating on this channel.
  3. Turn on the channel output. Ensure the channel you used is in Constant Current output mode.
  4. Set some different current values on this channel; check if the actual current value displayed is close to the set current value, and to check if the actual voltage value displayed is nearly zero.
  5. Check that if the output current can be adjusted from zero to the maximum rating, When it is set to the maximum or minimum, a beep is heard, indicating that the limit has been reached.
  6. Turn off the channel output and remove the short circuit from the output terminals.


  • Real-time voltage and current monitoring
  • Graphical display of parameters
  • USB communication port with SCPI support
  • Over voltage and over current protection
  • Power-on automatic output setting function
  • Intelligent temperature control fan cooling
  • 4 groups of memory shortcut parameters
  • Suitable for unattended occasions


  • Electronics prototyping and testing
  • Circuit debugging and troubleshooting
  • Laboratory experiments and research
  • Education and training in electrical engineering
  • DIY projects involving power supply requirements
  • Development and testing of electronic devices and components
  • Charging batteries and power banks
  • Powering electronic modules, sensors, and motors
  • Powering LED displays and lighting systems
  • Automotive electronics testing and repair

Package Includes:

  • 1 x OWON SPE3102 30V 10A Programmable DC Power Supply


Model SPE3102
Channel 1
Output Resolution 10mV/1mA
Output Range 30V/10A
Output Power 300W
Rated Output Voltage 0 - 30V
Rated Output Current 10A
Load Regulation Voltage ≤30mV
Load Regulation Current ≤20mA

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1. What are the main features of the OWON SPE3102 power supply?

The OWON SPE3102 offers a compact design with a single channel output, high resolution (10mV/1mA), and a wide output range of 30V/10A, providing 300W of power.

2. What protection features does the SPE3102 provide?

It includes over voltage (OVP) and over current protection (OCP), ensuring the safety of your circuits and devices.

3. Can I monitor real-time voltage and current with this power supply?

Yes, the SPE3102 allows you to monitor voltage and current in real-time using the high-resolution 2.8" LCD display.

4. How many groups of output waveforms can I store and edit?

You can store and edit up to 4 groups of output waveforms, providing flexibility for various applications.

5. Does the power supply support communication with a PC?

Yes, it can be connected to a host PC via USB and communicate using SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments).

6. What is the load regulation of the voltage and current?

The load regulation voltage is ≤30mV, and the load regulation current is ≤20mA, ensuring stable output under varying loads.

7. Is the SPE3102 suitable for beginner use?

Absolutely, with its simple interface, slim form factor, and ample power, it's an excellent choice for beginners in electronics.