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MQ-135 Gas Sensor Module For NH3, Alcohol, benzene, smoke , CO2 Detector Module

MQ-135 Gas Sensor Module For NH3, Alcohol, benzene, smoke , CO2 Detector Module

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  • The sensor is sensitive to a wide range of gases, including NH3, NOx, alcohol, Benzene, smoke, CO2 and so on.
  • Output voltage boosts along with the concentration of the measured gases increases.
  • The sensor is relatively low cost, making it a popular choice for hobbyist projects and low-end air quality monitoring applications
  • The sensor features Adjustable sensitivity 
  • Signal output indicator
  • MQ-135 sensor has a wide range of detection from 10 to 1000ppm

MQ-135 gas sensor Module

The MQ-135 gas sensor module is a device that is used for sensing a range of gases, including ammonia (NH3), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and carbon monoxide (CO). It is based on a metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) gas sensor, which uses a semiconductor material to detect gases.

The MQ series of gas sensors utilize a small heater inside with an electrochemical sensor these sensors are sensitive to a range of gasses are used at room temperature. MQ 135 alcohol sensor is a Sno2 with a lower conductivity of clean air. When the target explosive gas exists, then the sensor's conductivity increases more increasing more along with the gas concentration rising levels. By using simple electronic circuits it converts the charge of conductivity to a corresponding output signal of gas concentration

The MQ135 gas sensor has high sensitivity for ammonia, sulfide, benzene steam, smoke, and other harm full gas. It is low cost and suitable for different applications.

The MQ135 Gas Sensor Module is a high-quality, reliable tool for monitoring air quality. The module's unique design makes it ideal for use in both industrial and commercial applications that require accurate readings of various gases. It uses an advanced sensing element to detect the presence of dangerous combustible gasses such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

This sensor has been tested against strict industry standards which guarantees its accuracy and reliability when measuring levels of toxic substances in different environments. Its highly sensitive sensors are capable of detecting concentrations even at lower threshold values than other comparable gas sensors on the market today.

Additionally, this easy-to-install device offers greater durability due to its robust casing construction making it suitable for indoor or outdoor operation conditions without compromising performance or efficiency during extended operating periods over time. Whether you're looking to improve safety around your workplace or monitor air pollution levels within a home environment ––the MQ 135 Gas Sensor Module can provide reliable data quickly with minimal effort required by users from setup through utilization stages alike - giving peace-of-mind assurance!

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MQ-135 Gas Sensor Applications:

  • Air quality monitor
  • Detection of harmful gases
  • Domestic air pollution detection
  • Industrial pollution detection
  • Portable air pollution detection 

Read our blog MQ sensor where we explained what is a gas sensor, what is 1ppm equal to, MQ sensor list of different series and their features.

Technical Features of the MQ135 gas sensor:

  • This gas sensor works between 2.5V to 5.0V.
  • Uses around 150mA of current while running.
  • It can detect gases like NH3, NOx, CO2, alcohol, benzene, and smoke.
  • When powered at 5V, it gives out a digital signal from 0V to 5V in TTL logic.
  • it also provides an analog output in the same voltage range. Typically, it operates at 5V.

MQ135 Gas Sensor Working Principle:

The MQ 135 gas sensor operates on the principle of detecting gases through the conductivity of its steel exoskeleton which holds a sensing element. By heating this sensing element, its sensitivity to gas molecules is enhanced. When gas molecules come into contact with the material, they alter its electrical conductivity, leading to a change in resistance. This variation in resistance correlates directly with the concentration of the target gas present in the surrounding environment.

MQ135 Gas Sensor Pin Diagram:

MQ135 Gas Sensor Pin Diagram

MQ135 Pinout For Module:

  • Vcc: This supplies power to the sensor, typically at a voltage of +5V.
  • Ground: It is used to connect the module to the system ground.
  • Digital Out: This pin can be utilized to obtain digital output by setting a threshold value using the potentiometer.
  • Analog Out: Outputs an analog voltage ranging from 0 to 5V, proportional to the gas intensity.
MQ135 Pinout For Sensor

MQ135 Pinout For Sensor:

  • H-Pins: One of the two H pins connects to the power supply, while the other connects to the ground.
  • A-Pins: Both A and B pins can be interchanged and are connected to the supply voltage.
  • B-Pins: A and B pins are interchangeable. One pin serves as an output, while the other is pulled to the ground.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x MQ-135 gas sensor Module

    MQ-135 Gas Sensor Specifications:

    Model  MQ135 Gas Sensor Module 
    Operating Voltage 5V (DC)
    Detecting Range 10ppm to 1000ppm
    Dimensions  3 x 2 x 1 cms
    Weight  5 grams

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    1. What are gas sensors? How do they work?

    • Gas sensors (also known as gas detectors) are electronic devices that detect and identify different types of gasses. They are commonly used to detect toxic or explosive gasses and measure gas concentration. Gas sensors detect the presence or concentration of gases in the atmosphere. Based on the concentration of the gas the sensor produces a corresponding potential difference by changing the resistance of the material inside the sensor, which can be measured as output voltage. Based on this voltage value the type and concentration of the gas can be estimated. 

    2. How to use MQ-135 Sensors to detect gases?

    • You can either use the digital pin or the analog pin to do this. Simply power the module with 5V and you should notice the power LED on the module is low when no gas it detected the output LED will remain turned off meaning the digital output pin will be 0V.
    • Remember that these sensors have to be kept on for pre-heating time before you can actually work with it. Now, introduce the sensor to the gas you want to detect and you should see the output LEDs them go high along with the digital pin, if not use the potentiometer until the output gets high. Now every time your sensor gets introduced to this gas at this particular concentration the digital pin will go high (5V) else will remain low (0V).
    • You can also use the analog pin to achieve the same thing. Read the analog values (0-5V) using a microcontroller, this value will be directly proportional to the concentration of the gas which the sensor detects.

    3. What is MQ135 used for?

    • The alcohol sensor detects the presence of alcohol gas in the air and outputs an analog voltage. The MQ135 gas sensor senses gases such as ammonia, nitrogen, oxygen, alcohol, aromatics, sulfides and smoke. The MQ 135 sensor can be implemented to detect smoke, benzene, vapors, and other hazardous gases. It can detect various harmful gases. It can be used for air quality monitoring, noxious gas detection, home air pollution detection, industrial pollution detection, portable air pollution detection, etc.