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CD4046 - Micropower Phase Locked Loop IC

CD4046 - Micropower Phase Locked Loop IC-Robocraze

CD4046 - Micropower Phase Locked Loop IC

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  • Very low power consumption: 70 µW (typ.) at VCO fo = 10 kHz, VDD = 5 V
  • Operating frequency range up to 1.4 MHz (typ.) at VDD = 10 V, RI = 5 k ohm
  • Low frequency drift: 0.04%/°C (typ.) at VDD = 10 V
  • Choice of two phase comparators:
    • Exclusive-OR network (I)
    • Edge-controlled memory network with phase-pulse output for lock indication (II)
  • High VCO linearity: <1% (typ.) at VDD = 10 V
  • VCO inhibit control for ON-OFF keying and ultra-low standby power consumption
  • Source-follower output of VCO control input (Demod. output)
  • Zener diode to assist supply regulation
  • Standardized, symmetrical output characteristics
  • 100% tested for quiescent current at 20 V
  • 5-V, 10-V, and 15-V parametric ratings
  • Meets all requirements of JEDEC Tentative Standard No. 13B, "Standard Specifications for Description of 'B' Series CMOS Devices"

CD4046 - Micropower Phase Locked Loop IC

CD4046 CMOS Micropower Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) IC consists of a low-power, linear voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) and two different phase comparators having a common signal-input amplifier and a common comparator input. A 5.2-V Zener diode is provided for supply regulation if necessary.

The CD series CD4046 types are supplied in 16-lead hermetic dual-in-line ceramic packages (F3A suffix), 16-lead dual-in-line plastic packages (E suffix), 16-lead small-outline packages (NSR suffix), and 16-lead thin shrink small-outline packages (PW and PWR suffixes).


Pinout of CD4046 IC


  • FM demodulator and modulator
  • Frequency synthesis and multiplication
  • Frequency discriminator
  • Data synchronization
  • Voltage-to-frequency conversion
  • Tone decoding
  • FSK - Modems
  • Signal conditioning

Package Includes:

Selected qty of IC - CD4046


Part number CD4046
Technology Family CD4000
VCC (Min) (V) 3
VCC (Max) (V) 18
Bits (#) 1
Voltage (Nom) (V) 5, 10, 15
F @ nom voltage (Max)(MHz) 8
ICC @ nom voltage (Max)(mA) 1
tpd @ nom Voltage (Max)(ns) 300
IOL (Max) (mA) 4
IOH (Max) (mA) -4
Rating See Data Sheet
Operating temperature range (C)  -55 to 125
Package Group PDIP|16


1.What is the use of CD4046?

  • CD4046 is a Micropower Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) with a phase detector that compares the phase of the output signal with the phase of the input signal and adjusts them to make matching signals from both ends. It can be used FM demodulator and modulator, Frequency synthesis and multiplication, Frequency discriminator, Data synchronization , Voltage-to-frequency conversion, Tone decoding, FSK - Modems, and Signal conditioning. 

2.What is CD4046?

  • The CD4046B CMOS Micropower Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) is made up of a low-power, linear VCO and two different phase comparators with a common signal-input amplifier and a common comparator input. If necessary, a 5.2-V zener diode is provided for supply regulation.