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Matatalab VinciBot Coding Robot for Kids 8+, STEM Educational Toy, Scratch & Python Programming Robot with Remote Controller, AI Smart Robot

Matatalab VinciBot Coding Robot for Kids 8+, STEM Educational Toy, Scratch & Python Programming Robot with Remote Controller, AI Smart Robot

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  • Interactive Sound: VinciBot features 8 sensors and 21 musical instrument sounds for immersive experiences. Suitable for children aged 8 and up. Ensures durability and reliability. Available in multiple color variations.
  • Graphical and Python Programming: Supports graphical programming and Python, fostering skill development and creativity. Perfect for STEAM education.
  • LEGO Compatibility: Compatible with LEGO bricks, Technic motors, and third-party electronic modules, offering endless possibilities for classroom activities and robotics competitions.
  • AI Integration: Upgrade classroom experiences with AI education. Create AI-based teaching scenarios and gameplay cases. Supports Tiny ML for deeper understanding of AI concepts.
  • Superior Quality: Built with precision movement, higher sensor accuracy, and professional testing. Offers longer motor service life and a single-charge runtime of over 4 hours.
  • User-Friendly Design: Easy to use and maintain, VinciBot encourages learning by doing and imaginative play. Designed to solve various educational needs.
  • Diverse Applications: Ideal for programming learning, AI education, robotics competitions, and creative projects. Suitable for primary and secondary school children.

Matatalab VinciBot Coding Robot for Kids 8+, STEM Educational Toy, Scratch & Python Programming Robot with Remote Controller, AI Smart Robot

Introducing the Matatalab VinciBot Coding Robot Set – a pinnacle of STEAM education and creative exploration! Tailored for kids aged 8 and up, VinciBot brings together interactive sound, LED technology, Python programming, LEGO compatibility, and more for an unmatched learning adventure. Built with durable materials and advanced AI, VinciBot ensures durability and endless opportunities for discovery.

With VinciBot, kids unlock a world of creativity and problem-solving. Whether they're coding, building with LEGO, or exploring light and sound, VinciBot makes learning hands-on and fun.

Easy to use and versatile, VinciBot goes beyond just a toy – it's a tool for transformative education. Whether at school or home, VinciBot fosters STEAM understanding while sparking curiosity and imagination. Whether you're nurturing future innovators or just want enriching play, VinciBot delivers.

Invest in VinciBot today and ignite a journey of discovery and innovation. Experience the joy of hands-on learning and prepare your child for success in an ever-changing world. Join the STEAM revolution with VinciBot – where learning is play and creativity knows no limits.

Key Features:

  • Inspiring children to explore and play: Designed for ages 8 and up, it offers versatile programming platforms, AI features, and top-notch quality. Encouraging hands-on learning and creativity, VinciBot cultivates computational and engineering thinking skills, preparing children for the digital age from an early age.
VinciBot Coding Robot Set Key Features
  • Multi-functional Features: Explore lots of fun options with sounds, lights, and movements. It has sensors, musical sounds, colorful lights, and can draw precisely. You can control it using a simple graphical interface or Python programming on the MatataCode App or website.
VinciBot Coding Robot Set Key Features
  • More Intelligent: Make classrooms smarter with AI education. Come up with AI teaching activities and games. Use Tiny ML to fully explore AI, helping you understand its principles better.
VinciBot Coding Robot Set Key Features
  • More Open: Enjoy greater flexibility with extensive compatibility, opening up possibilities for diverse classroom activities and robotics competitions. Easily integrate with LEGO bricks, Technic motors, and various third-party electronic modules. Build multiple robots that can be combined and transformed.
VinciBot Coding Robot Set Key Features
  • Higher Quality: Built to last, guaranteeing consistent performance with precise movements and accurate sensor readings.
VinciBot Coding Robot Set Key Features

  • Three Ready-to-Use Modes: Choose from IR remote control mode, Line mode, or Drawing mode for instant functionality.
    VinciBot Coding Robot Set Key Features

    Package Includes:

    • 1x VinciBot Coding Robot Set
    1. 1x VinciBot
    2. 1x IR remote control
    3. 1x Challenge Booklet (18 activities)
    4. 1x User Guide
    5. 1x USB-C cable
    6. 1x Double-sided map
    7. 1x Washable marker
    8. 1x Activity cards (75 cases)


    Model VinciBot Coding Robot Set
    Age group 
     Age 8+
    High-precision stepper motor to support precise Drawing
    Compatibility with LEGO
    LED matrix
    LED matrix consisting of 128 white LEDs
    6 programmable RGB LEDs
    Speaker (supports formats such as wav, mp3, etc.)
    Wireless connection 
    Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
    Communication port 
    USB storage/USB CDC
    Power supply 
    Built-in 1500mAH rechargeable lithium battery
    Infrared communication 
    Supports (1 transmitter, 2 receivers)
    Light sensor 
    Sound sensor 
    1 (Supports sound detection/voice recognition)
    5-Way Line Follower/ Color sensor 
    Supports (line following/cliff detection)
    ToF LiDAR ranging sensor 
    Range/obstacle detection
    Programmable button 
    Power take-off (PTO) shaft 
    1 on left wheel, 1 on right wheel
    Module extension 
    1 Type-C expansion interface
    Programming languages supported  Scratch/Python 

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