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74HC04 - Hex Inverter IC

74HC04 - Hex Inverter IC-Robocraze

74HC04 - Hex Inverter IC

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  • 6 Hex Inverters in a 14-Pin DIP Package
  • Outputs Directly Interface to CMOS, NMOS and TTL
  • Large Operating Voltage Range
  • Wide Operating Conditions

74HC04 - Hex Inverter IC 

The 74HC Series 74HC04 is Hex Inverter NOT gate IC. It consists of six inverters that perform logical invert action. The output of an inverter is the complement of its input logic state i.e. when input is high its output is low and vice versa. The device contains six independent gates each of which performs the logic INVERT function.

The operating voltage is 5V, the high-level input voltage is 2V, and the low-level input is 0.8V. Contains absolute maximum ratings over the operating free-air temperature range, recommended operating conditions, and electrical characteristics over recommended operating free-air temperature range.


Pinout Of 74HC04 IC

Package Includes:

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Type DIP Bipolar
Voltage Rating 4.75 to 5.25V
Current Rating Max. 16mA Output
Temperature Rating 0 to 70Deg C
Number of pins 14
Mounting Through Hole


1.What is the propagation delay of the 74HC04 IC? 

  • The 74HC04 IC's propagation delay is typically 14ns, which means that it takes 14ns for the output to respond to a change in the input signal. The voltage range of the 74HC04 is 2V to 6V DC.

2.What is the 74HC04 IC?

  • The 74HC04 is a hex inverter integrated circuit with six separate inverters. Each inverter has one input and one output, and its primary logic purpose is to invert the incoming signal.