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Eyecloud AI Camera

Eyecloud AI Camera-Robocraze
Eyecloud AI Camera-Robocraze
Eyecloud AI Camera-Robocraze
Eyecloud AI Camera-Robocraze
Eyecloud AI Camera-Robocraze
  • Eyecloud AI Camera-Robocraze
  • Eyecloud AI Camera-Robocraze
  • Eyecloud AI Camera-Robocraze
  • Eyecloud AI Camera-Robocraze
  • Eyecloud AI Camera-Robocraze

Eyecloud AI Camera

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  • This is Eyecloud AI Camera
  • The Smartest Home Security Camera ever.
  • 24/7 Crisp Videos and Livestreaming
  • Face detection and stranger alert
  • Embedded Person Detection Technology Eliminates Almost All False Alerts
  • rechargeable batteries, encrypted local storage, product versatility and no cables - these are the ingredients chosen to create the perfect small home security camera.

Eyecloud AI Camera

Eyecloud is an artificial intelligence company that specializes in creating top-notch security solutions by combining computer vision technology with embedded hardware. Their team has over 30 years of experience in complex image processing, optics, sensors, IQ tuning, CV algorithms, and camera system interfaces and integration, enabling us to use technology to make our lives safer and more sustainable.

The Eyecloud AI Camera is both stylish and compact, making it easy to install in any location you desire for 24-hour detection and surveillance. For instance, placing an Eyecloud AI Camera at your front door can help monitor visitors, while an Eyecloud AI Camera inside your home can help alert you of intruders, watch over your pets and children, or detect potential safety incidents. Additionally, an Eyecloud AI Camera in your backyard or garage can help keep your entire property secure.

With a battery life of up to six months, 8GB of local storage, and onboard AI, the Eyecloud AI Camera continues to protect you, your family, and your home even when there is no power or internet access. Moreover, it is cordless and requires no base station to operate.

Their advanced AI technology allows the Eyecloud AI Camera to differentiate between intruders, visitors, acquaintances, or your children playing in the backyard, and will only alert you when it detects unusual events. For privacy reasons, the Eyecloud AI Camera will send a text notification to all connected users, who can then use the app to investigate the reason for the alert. Additionally, the Eyecloud AI Camera is fully configurable for alert situations, giving you complete control over whether to receive snapshots or videos.


  • Send alert messages and images to the host’s app
  • Play predefined audio responses (voice/siren)
  • Allow the host to see a live video feed on their smartphone
  • Allow the host to interact via audio
  • Alert images stored in the cloud for safe record-keeping and to aid police reports
  • Allow the host to browse/play/save recorded clips from the camera


  • Industrial-grade vision appliance
  • Ready-to-deploy camera system
  • Minimizes production time for edge-AI vision
  • Standalone battery-powered home security camera
  • Built-in AI for capturing important moments in your home
  • On-device face recognition
  • Can detect people
  • Uses OpenNCC Open Neuro-Compute Camera
  • Designed for deep-learning vision

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Eyecloud AI Cam


Brand  Eyecloud 
Battery  6 months 
Night Vision  Yes
Standalone Yes
Video Resolution 1080p HD
WiFi  Yes
Dimensions  11 x 5 x 3cms 
Weight  350 grams

1. What is Eyecloud AI Camera?

  • Eyecloud Cam, the smartest home security camera ever, is now available on a Kickstarter campaign. Eyecloud Cam aims to protect your family and property and Robocraze don't try to rob you because the price of one he Eyecloud Cam is less than INR 16000. Eyecloud Cam is a home security camera that constantly monitors the safety of your family and home. By integrating cutting-edge computer vision AI technology directly into the camera, you don't have to. After a threat is clearly identified, Eyecloud Cam will send a notification describing the event and providing unprecedented details as to why we decided to send this alert. To make smart homes even more secure, Eyecloud is working to make his Eyecloud Cams fully compatible with Amazon Alexa. With a long battery life of 6 months, integrated AI, and 8 GB of local storage, Eyecloud Cam protects you, your family, and your home, even when electricity and internet access are not available. Eyecloud Cam is completely wireless and does not require a base station to operate. The Eyecloud Cam is stylish, yet compact and discreet. Place the easy-to-install Eyecloud Cam exactly where you need it for 24/7 detection and surveillance.

2. What are the applications of Eyecloud AI Camera?

  •  The Eyecloud camera at the front door can monitor visitors, and his Eyecloud camera indoors can warn intruders, watch out for pets and children, and provide early warning of security incidents. Install an Eyecloud camera in your backyard or monitor your garage to protect all your belongings.

3. What is the price of Eyecloud AI Camera in India?

  • You can easily buy the Eyecloud AI Camera in the price range of INR 15,000 to 16,000 on Robocraze.