10k Resistor - Pack of 10 - Robocraze
10k Resistor - Pack of 10 - Robocraze
10k Resistor - Pack of 10
  • 10k Resistor - Pack of 10 - Robocraze
  • 10k Resistor - Pack of 10 - Robocraze
  • 10k Resistor - Pack of 10

10k Resistor - Pack of 10

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  • The 10K resistors are helpful for students performing their engineering projects.
  • It is an essential component for prototyping and DIY projects. 
  • The resistor is made of carbon film material.

10k Resistor - Pack of 10

Resistors are electronic components that have a specific, never-changing electrical resistance. The resistor's resistance limits the flow of electrons through a circuit.

They are passive components, meaning they only consume power (and can't generate it). Resistors are usually added to circuits where they complement active components like op-amps, microcontrollers, and other integrated circuits. Common resistors are used to limit current, divide voltages, and pull up I/O lines.

10K ohm Carbon Film Resistors are typical axial-lead resistors, which have much better temperature stability and provide lower noise, and are generally better for high frequency or radiofrequency applications.

Cracking the Resistor Color Code:

How to read Resistor Colour Codes.

Package Includes:

  • 10 x 10k Resistors


Resistance  10K ohm
Material  Carbon Film Resistors
Dimensions  3 x 1 x 1cms 
Weight  5 grams

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a 10K resistor?

  • Resistors are electronic components that have a constant electrical resistance. The resistance of a resistor restricts the flow of electrons through a circuit. It means the resistor has a resistance of 10,000 ohms.

2. What color is a 10K resistor?

  • The first band is brown and represents 1. The second band is black, indicating a value of 0. The third band multiplier x 1 kΩ is orange. The fourth band is determined by the tolerance, so any color can be used for the tolerance band.

3. What does K stand for in resistor?

  • A common value is 'K,' which stands for 1000 ohms. So, if a resistor has a value of 10000 ohms, it is also referred to as a 10K resistor. Resistors are connected in series and parallel. Resistors can be linked in two ways to produce different overall values.

4. What is a resistor?

  • A resistor is a component of an electronic circuit that limits or regulates the flow of electrical current. Resistors can also be used to supply a fixed voltage to an active device such as a transistor.