Orange LiPo Batteries

An orange lipo battery is a type of rechargeable lightweight battery which is used in remote control toys and drones. These batteries are known for their high energy density.

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The Orange Lipo battery is useful in Drones and to power portable DIY projects that are active for a longer period of time. These orange  Lipo batteries are now used in drones due to their lightweight and high power delivering capacity in a compact size.


Orange LiPo Batteries prices  in India

Orange LiPo Batteries


14.8 V 2200mah 4S 40C-80C Lithium Polymer Battery


11.1 V 360mAh Orange Lithium Polymer Battery


11.1V 5200mAh Orange Lithium polymer battery


11.1 V 8000mAh Orange Lithium Polymer Battery


11.1 V 3000mah 3S 25C-60C Lithium Polymer Battery


11.1 V 1000mAh Orange Lithium Polymer Battery Pack


11.1 V 3300mah 3S 35C-80C Lithium Polymer Battery


11.1V 2200mAh Orange Lithium polymer battery


11.1 V 3000mah 3S 40C-80C Lithium Polymer Battery




1. Are Orange LiPo batteries good?

  • Orange Lipo batteries have all  the high performance features you would expect. Perfect for all types of RC equipment, the Orange Lipo Battery is just what you need! Orange Lipo Battery Connectors offer convenient, easy and seamless compatibility. Available in a variety of sizes, capacities, and C-rates, orange batteries are relatively safe to use than any other Lipo battery.

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